In memory of

Yue Siu Chan Jung 鄭陳裕秀太夫人

October 6, 1927 -  August 30, 2022

Passed away peacefully, on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 under the care of Michael Garron Hospital in her 94th year.

Partner in life for 64 years with her dearly loved husband, Guy who predeceased her in 2014. Loved and proud mother to Joyce(Earl), Eugene(Eileen), Polly(John), Peter, and Alan(Kelly). And grandmother to Paul Michael(Brittany), Daniel and Aaron. Cherished sister Lan(Sun) living in Toronto, another sister Gen(Guang) in Edmonton and brother Bing(Kim) in China. Dear aunt to Steven(Helen), Jun(Fangfang), Shuzi(Yili), Shuping(Vinh), Biyun, Yiyun, Yayun, Jingyun,and Zhouhong. She will be missed and remembered by all her relatives and many friends

She grew up in a small village in China and in 1949 as a new bride arrived in Port Arthur, Ontario. She worked tirelessly with her husband to successfully raise her family in Canada. She was a kind, generous person and nothing made her more happy than large gatherings with family and friends.

Heartfelt thanks to all the Doctors, Nurses, PSW’s and staff at Michael Garron for the support and care for my mother during the last few weeks.

Donations to her memory can be made to Michael Garron Hospital or to the Heart & Stroke Foundation.
If you wish, please share a memory or a message of condolence.


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Edward Lee (Colleague of Eugene)

Entered September 5, 2022 from Vancouver, BC

I am sure that Mrs. Jung will find a great game of Mah Jong!

Steven Wang (Nephew)

Entered September 6, 2022 from Mississauga

Condolences to my aunt’s family. Proud of my aunt and happy to see our cousins and families!

Linda Binns (Friend of Polly)

Entered September 6, 2022 from Oshawa, Ontario

My heartfelt condolences to Joyce, Eugene, Polly, Peter, and Alan on the passing of your Mother. Mrs. Jung was a sweet, kind person. Growing up on the same street as your family, your Mom, like your Dad, always welcomed us with a smile, a wave and a friendly greeting. Her generosity of spirit lives on. Rest In Peace Mrs. Jung as you join your dear husband.

Martha and Randy (Friends of Eileen and Eugene)

Entered September 9, 2022 from Edmonton, Alberta

What a remarkable woman. She gave so much to others.

Doug Jung (nephew)

Entered September 10, 2022 from thunder bay

Sorry to hear of your loss. I remember going to Dim Sum with your mother and dad in 1998. She try feeding my 2 month old son Chinese food. She was a kind lady.

Life Stories 

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Eugene Jung (son)

Entered September 4, 2022 from Toronto

My mom was a great cook. After years away from home I realized that the wonton soup she made, was the best. So a few years ago, I finally asked her to teach me how to make it. On the way to the market she showed me the recipe. I was familiar with all the ingredients but one, "old chicken". She assured me the store would have it and that it was necessary for the best stock. It was indeed in the market and it looked scraggly and ugly.
After in her kitchen she taught me how to create the pork stuffing and to delicately fold the wrappings. Meanwhile the old chicken and a few herbs were boiling gently.
When it was ready, the soup was delicious and tasted truly like mom's.
I'll always think of mom when I eat this soup but whenever I make it, it never tastes exactly the same as hers.
Thanks for this memory and all the other memories Mom!

Peter Jung (Son)

Entered September 4, 2022

When I was young mom always had time to pack lunch and take us down to center island for the always took us to the CNE at the end of the year.I look back at those days and I don't know how mom had time working five days a week, shopping and cooking for five kids never complaining. Love Peter

Eugene Jung (son)

Entered September 5, 2022 from Toronto

On the morning of August 11 mom almost fainted. Fortunately, Peter caught her and saved her from falling. Something was wrong so we took her to the emergency department at Michael Garron Hospital. While waiting her right eye drooped and the medical staff took her immediately to a room to investigate the problem (suspecting a stroke). Some tests were completed and nothing showed on the CT scan but all the signs of were there.
She was admitted to MGH for further evaluation. Over the weekend we believe she suffered another stroke and the symptoms worsened. She had difficulties swallowing and the partial paralysis on the right side increased. She could no longer walk. Another CT confirmed a massive stroke. Under the guidance of the medical staff the family made the hard decision to move her to palliative care.
On the evening of August 30 mom passed away with Peter and Polly at her side.
We were grateful that she didn't die alone. The care and support of the hospital staff was greatly appreciated.

Joyce Jung (Daughter)

Entered September 5, 2022 from Toronto

When we were young, mom and dad had a restaurant in old Chinatown.
Whenever I visited the restaurant, mom would make har gow for me. Mom's har gow were big with her special stuffing, not like the small ones with just shrimp in the restaurants these days.

Mom made her har gow at home too. She made the dough and stuffing before setting up an assembly line. One of us kids would press the dough. Some of us shaped the dough before adding the stuffing. After it was steamed, all five of us participated in eating her delicious har gow. How lucky we were to have these family times!
Thanks Mom
Love Joyce

Polly (Daughter)

Entered September 6, 2022 from Toronto

When all of us 5 siblings attended public school, Mom was busy working full time at an embroidery company. She would leave the house early in the morning and return around 5 p.m. I can remember only once was she home before I returned from school at 3:30 p.m. That day, Mom wasn't feeling well and left work early. It was such a nice surprise to see her waiting for me at the door. I was very happy to see her! She had a plate of cookies and glass of milk ready for me.

Thank you Mom for taking such good care of us kids.

Love and miss you. ❤


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