In memory of

Yu Ming Lo 羅裕明

December 8, 1931 -  November 18, 2022

Yu Ming Lo, our beloved father, passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by family on November 18, 2022 at the age of 90 (93).

In his teens, our father went to Hong Kong from Shunde District, China. He got his first job at Sinling Dispensary in the Central District and later at Victoria Dispensary, where he met our mom, Suk Ching Chung, who also worked at Victoria Dispensary. After getting married, they partnered with a friend and started a farm. After the closure of the business, they moved to Aberdeen and opened a small Medicine Company. They later expanded their business and opened Ming Wah Medicine Company on Aberdeen Main Road. Subsequently, they had an optical department as well.

We are his five children
Eldest son ~ 羅錦中 Stanley Lo(方玉明 Julie Phuong),
Second son ~ 羅錦文 Kam Man Lo (羅少平 Connie Lo),
Third son ~ 羅錦雄 Kenny Lo(萬麗娟 Wendy Man),
Fourth son ~ 羅錦輝 Frankie Lo,
Fifth son ~ 羅錦成 Billy Lo.

In 1977, Our father arranged eldest brother, Stanley to study in Canada. And also arranged Kenny to study in Canada in 1979. Later, Stanley got married in Canada and applied for our family to be immigrated to Canada.

In 1986, our father with family immigrated to Canada to start a new life. Before moving to Canada, our father had everything planned out in advance for his family’s future. At the time, he believed that a one-hour photo shop would be a great business opportunity. He planned with us for several months and officially opened Stan’s Photo in October 1987. It has been in business for 35 years.

Although our father did not have much education, with his self-study, hard work and good business sense, he raised his family from nothing to better life, providing a worry-free lifestyle for his family. He did all these so that we can live in a wonderful country like Canada.

My father's five grandchildren
羅恩恩 Jenny Lo (潘振偉 Shane Puah – Grandson-in-law)
羅煜傑 Jason Lo
羅俊偉 Kevin Lo (付雨文 Maggie Fu – Granddaughter-in-law)
羅煜健 Yuk Kin Lo
羅穎彤 Michelle Lo

My father’s two great grandchildren
潘紫瓊 Valerie Puah
潘駿峰 Max Puah

敬愛的父親 羅裕明於2022年11月18日在家中安詳離世,家人陪同下走完最後一程,享年90(93)歲

父親十多歲從順德來到香港, 在中環先寧藥房工作,後轉工到勝利大藥房,認識了當時在勝利藥房工作的媽媽鍾淑貞,結緍後與朋友合股農場,農場生意結束後搬到香港仔創業,開了一間小藥行,生意拓充在香港仔大道開了明華大藥行,接著再增加眼鏡部門。

大兒子~羅錦中 Stanley Lo(方玉明 Julie Phuong),
二兒子~羅錦文 Kam Man Lo (羅少平 Connie Lo),
三兒子~羅錦雄 Kenny Lo(萬麗娟 Wendy Man),
四兒子~羅錦輝 Frankie Lo,
五兒子~羅錦成 Billy Lo。

父親為 Stanley 和 Kenny 安排到加拿大讀書,後來 Stanley 在加拿大結婚,及安排家人團聚移民。

1986年移民到加拿大開始新的生活。來加拿大前父親已預先為家人生活計劃好,相信當時一小時冲曬店為一商機,經過幾個月籌劃,於1987年10月彩圖冲印 (Stan's Photo) 正式開張。至今已開業35年。


羅恩恩 Jenny Lo (潘振偉 Shane Puah孫婿)
羅煜傑 Jason Lo
羅俊偉 Kevin Lo (付雨文 Maggie Fu孫媳)
羅煜健 Yuk Kin Lo
羅穎彤 Michelle Lo

潘紫瓊 Valerie Puah
潘駿峰 Max Puah


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