In memory of

Yim Fong Yu 譚艶芳

October 11, 1929 -  November 21, 2018

Yim Fong Yu passed away peacefully at home at the age of 89. She was a loving wife to her husband, Sung Fun Yu, for 70 years. A loving and caring mother to eight daughters and one son. Cherished grandmother to 18 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Daughter Helen (deceased) and husband Peter (deceased), children Andrew and Amy (spouse) and Brooklyn (grandchild), and Patrick

Daughter Betty and husband Tom, children Diane and Gary

Daughter Ivy and husband Johnson, children Daniel, Kelley and Henry (spouse), and Christiane

Daughter Jackie and husband Maxwell, children Jonathan and Wincy (spouse), and Vincent

Daughter Joanne and husband Albert, children Jordan and Tyler

Daughter Lisa and husband David, children Julia and Nicole

Daughter Karen and husband Nic, children Anthony and Melissa

Son David and wife Michelle, children Stephen and Abigail

Daughter Mabel, child Kierra

She will be greatly missed. Her children feel honoured to have had such an amazing, loving, giving and selfless mother.


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Mardi Schueler (Colleague of Lisa)

Entered November 26, 2018 from Toronto

Lisa and family,

I'm very sorry for your loss. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Life Stories 

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Anthony Chong (Grandson)

Entered November 25, 2018

For as far back as I can remember,
Each time we walked through your door.
Upon your seat, you smiled at us all,
Sitting gracefully, and in your eyes a glitter.

We come to hug you one by one,
Embracing each of us fully.
And say something nice like,
“You are your mother’s son.”

“Eat some more so you can grow”
Was one of your favourite lines to me.
Though it was hard for me to understand,
“Pat Leen” was the name I would know.

As years went by, you moved upstairs,
Yet you still greeted us all with warmth,
Watching us with those kind eyes,
Still showing us love and care.

You welcomed us all with open arms,
Inside and out, you sparked a charm
Mothering us all with your words of wisdom,

Forever remembering, for years to come.
On dreary days when the sun didn’t shine,
No matter what, you made it all seem fine.
Giving hugs that embraced us fully,

You never ceased to accept us happily.
Upwards to heaven is where you now belong.

Jonathan & Vincent Cheung (Grandsons)

Entered November 27, 2018

The two of us were very young when we spent a lot of time with grandma. Everyday, she would always let us into her home, and took care of us. She did this for us so our parents did not have to worry about costs or stress of childcare, and could focus on their careers.

Grandma gave us everything, but most importantly, she showed us joy, in the way she expressed it herself. We remember back to the days, sitting in her kitchen. She loved to make desserts, and we would sit there and watch her work her magic. She had a unique touch, which could be seen as she crafted her cakes, and cute little duck-shaped balls.

We will miss our grandma very much.

Kierra Nelson (Granddaughter)

Entered November 27, 2018

Moments to Remember: 10.11.1929 - 11.21.2018

Growing up with you by my side...
A nickname grew forth,
even though there was a language barrier... you managed to keep me in your heart always. The name you gave me was “kay-hi-do-la”
at first I dreaded my name.
But I started to like my name as the years went by. To me, it meant stay by my side always...
Never stray to far, but know that no matter what
I will always be by your side.
Watching over you, listening to all your important journeys,
and most of all always caring and loving you
for as long as you are my grandchild.
When I was younger, I used to think we would never see I to eye.
But the more I spent time with her, the more I realized that just being together mattered more
than not being able to understand each other.
In these last moments, I truly cherished
how much time I was able to spend with you.
Even though you won’t get to see me grow up,
I was able to watch you get younger with time.
You were a fighter for all of us, and now
I must fight through life the way you taught all of us to. Thank you for being a great mother to the family,
and thank you for being a great grandmother to me and my cousins.
You were and are a truly amazing woman for everything you stand for.

Andrew & Patrick Chan (Grandsons)

Entered November 28, 2018

Yim Fong yu, mother of 9, grandma to 18, great grandma to 1 ; tomorrow that is what I will celebrate. But Today I will mourn.

My Grandma not only raised such a large family, but defied all odds, overcame all obstacles to provide us with a better life and a chance for an education. Look at us all here today, prospering. Tomorrow that is what I will celebrate, but today... Today I will mourn.

When I was a kid my mother and fathers families didn't quite get along, my grandma wasn't welcome in my house. But she never forgot about us. She always found someway to come visit my brother and I. As a kid I took that for granted, 'that's just what grandma's are supposed to be like, right? No... I didn't realize how much love she had for us, how much effort she had to put into coming to see us time and time again. Tomorrow that is what I will celebrate, but today I will mourn.

My aunts and my brother always hated when I was late for family dinner. I never understood why they always gave me such a hard time. Actually I just found out why a few days ago when my uncle told me. It was because my grandma wouldn't stop asking for me until I arrived. Where is ming ming? is he here yet? Is he coming? Can Someone call him? And when I finally did arrive, she would keep bugging everyone to make sure I ate. How is it possible that someone can care about me that much? Tomorrow that is what I will celebrate. Today... today I will Mourn.

What I will miss most is how from time to time she would reach her hand out to gently touch my cheek look at me and smile. And With out a word she told me she was proud of me, she loved me, and she was happy. I am only human, and a weak one at that so today, today I will let my tears run unashamed and mourn that she is no longer with us. But tomorrow... tomorrow I will think of her and celebrate.

Jordan Young (Grandson)

Entered November 29, 2018

As I was writing this, I tried my best to think of the three most appropriate words I could use to describe my grandmother, and the three that I kept coming back to were: perseverance, selflessness and family. While I don’t think that all the nuances of my grandmother can be reduced down to only three traits, I felt that these three best represented the most prominent aspects of her character.

From speaking to my mom, and from reading about grandma’s history these past few days, it is clear that my grandmother was an extremely perseverant woman. She, along with my grandfather, raised nine children in Hong Kong. However, not content with the opportunities available to them, she moved her family to Toronto to seek a better future. She, along with her family, left everything and everyone they knew behind in order to build for themselves a better life. The amount of courage and perseverance that such a change would require is almost unfathomable to me, as I, in large part thanks to her will and determination, had the benefit of being born and raised in Toronto.

However, such a drastic move could not have been possible were it not for her selflessness. She taught her children and her grandchildren true selflessness, not through empty talk, but rather, through example. And it was through this willingness to put the needs of her family before her own, that her children were able to adapt as well as they did to life in a foreign country. One instance of her selflessness which I experienced first-hand was whenever I would visit her when she was sick, the first thing she would ask was always: “how are you and your brother doing”. That in itself speaks to her selfless character, and perhaps even more so, her love for her family.

And that ties back to the third word that I would use to describe my grandmother, that word being “Family”. My grandmother cared deeply about family, and she was always at her happiest when the family was together. Thinking back, despite her sickness, her spirits always seemed to be lifted around Christmas time, when the whole family would convene together to celebrate the holidays at her house.

On the whole, when we talk about someone’s legacy, we often talk about what someone leaves behind. In the case of my grandmother, her legacy is her family. Her children, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren are what she left behind. Therefore, it will be my goal to carry on her legacy as best I can, trough continuing to strive to live up to the values that she represented.


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