In memory of

Vija Vare

June 5, 1932 -  December 19, 2021

Peacefully passed away, at home December 19, 2021. Born June 5, 1932, Liepaja, Latvia. Predeceased by her husband Valdis. Loving mother of Zuze (Robert), Dacite (Ray), and Andre. Grandmother to Lija (Alwyn), Great Grandmother to Teagan and William. Dear sister to Gunis, Juris, Yelena (Predeceased) Alek and Nada (Surviving).

Funeral service will be broadcasted live via this memorial site on Monday December 27th at 2pm.

In lieu of flowers, family requests donations be made to Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre.


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Nada Crupi (Sister)

Entered December 23, 2021

Vija, the most kind and gentle person I have known. She guided me through life with her gentle smile, kind words, always there when needed, always concerned about not only my well-being, but everyone's. I will miss her, but she is in my heart forever, until we meet again.

Angels are sisters who've moved far away. I have 2 sister angels now.

Forever etched on my heart.

Rita Ozols (sister-in-law)

Entered December 23, 2021 from Innisfil, Ontario

Wish you the softest of places to land and you will be in our hearts forever...

Anita Berkis 

Entered December 24, 2021

"Gardeners, I think, dream bigger dreams than emperors". – Mary Cantwel

Vija was that gardener…a gentle, methodical visionary. Walking through her garden, you knew that she recognized that large dreams begin by planting seeds and confronting and surviving challenges.
This is how she lived her remarkable life. Never forgetting the small…emerging into the sunshine and brilliance of the extraordinary. Dreaming bigger dreams….

And having cake with my mum right now!

Marta Ozols (niece)

Entered December 24, 2021 from Latvia

Daudz darbiņi padarīti,
Daudz solīši iztecēti:
Lai nu mīļā Zemes māte
Pārklāj savu seģenīti.

Lija Arthur (Grandaughter)

Entered December 25, 2021 from Sydney Australia

Vecmam was a wonderful grandmother to me. I learnt many things from her. Vecmam was my piano teacher, she showed me how to sew and to bake and to grow various flowers, potatoes, raspberries. My childhood was full of nurturing, care and growth when I was around her. Vecmam knew how to cultivate her family and her home. When I moved to Australia in 1983 I would write to her about my young problems and she would always be supportive and full of practical advice. Twenty years later Vecmam came to visit my home in Sydney. I was on maternity leave with my first child Teagan. Amazingly in just one week Vecmam also taught my daughter to walk. At just 10 months old Teagan was holding her hands as she walked her around and around the house until she was steady on her feet. Teagan never looked back and kept me running after her long after Vecmam had gone home.
Vecmam taught me how to take pleasure in the small things and to look at the brighter side of life. We will all miss her.


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