In memory of

Thanh Trung Quach

April 26, 1937 -  September 14, 2022

Thanh Quach was born on April 26, 1937 in Hanoi, Vietnam. As a young boy, he loved playing sports and studying in school. Growing up during the war, he witnessed a lot of destruction. Instead of picking up a gun, he wanted to pick up a pencil and decided he wanted to become a civil engineer at the age of 10. He graduated from the University of Vietnam with a civil engineering degree in 1965. He then joined the Ministry of Transportation of Vietnam in the bridge and highway department. As one of the very few Chinese people in this field in Vietnam, he worked diligently and honorably rebuilding bridges and highways during the Vietnam War from 1965-1978. The family moved back to China in 1978, then fled to Hong Kong and came to Canada in 1981 as refugees.

Thanh is survived by his wife, Mrs. Cam Quach, who he had been married to for 55 years, a son and daughter, 4 grandchildren, a brother and 5 sisters. He and his family are grateful and feel very fortunate to be Canadian citizens where he and his wife worked hard to build a new life.

Upon retirement, Thanh lived a simple and enjoyable life, filled with continuous love for learning. He took care of his grandchildren as they grew up. His support for and pride in their academic, athletic, and personal accomplishment was never-ending. As a lifelong learner himself, he quickly picked up new technologies like cell phones, apps like Google Translate, Maps, and even was learning English through YouTube videos.

Thanh loved eating sweets almost as much as he loved sharing them. He shared treats like chocolate, ice cream, and cookies to everyone that entered his house. His smile and friendly demeanor were known to his friends, neighbors, and family.

Thanh lived a life with purpose, value, and dignity. Just as he was known for all the stories he told, may his story live on in all of you.

Thanh Quach 於1937年4月26日出生於越南河內。 小時候,他喜歡運動和在學校學習。在戰爭中長大,他見證了許多破壞。他沒有拿起槍,而是想拿起鉛筆,並在十歲時決定要成為一名土木工程師。他於1965年畢業於越南大學,獲得土木工程學位。隨後,他加入了越南交通部的橋樑和公路部門。作為越南這一領域為數不多的華人之一,他在 1965 年至 1978 年的越南戰爭期間勤奮而光榮地重建了橋樑和公路。全家於1978年搬回中國,1981年逃往香港,以難民身份來到加拿大。

Thanh 留下了與他結婚五十五年的妻子 Cam Quach、一個兒子和一個女兒、四個孫子孫女、一個兄弟和五個姐妹。他和他的家人很感激,並感到非常幸運能成為加拿大公民。他和他的妻子在加拿大努力工作以建立新的生活。

退休後,Thanh 過著簡單而愉快的生活,持續對學習充滿熱情。他一直都很照顧他的孫子孫女,慢慢看著他們長大。Thanh對他孫子孫女的學術、運動和個人成就的支持和自豪永無止境。 作為一個終身學習者,他很快就掌握了手機等新技術,Google翻譯、地圖等應用程序,甚至通過 YouTube 視頻學習英語。

Thanh 喜歡吃甜食,就像他喜歡分享甜食一樣。他與每個進入他家的人都分享巧克力、冰淇淋和餅乾等零食。他的朋友、鄰居和家人都熟知他的微笑和友好的舉止。

Thanh 過著有目標、有價值和有尊嚴的生活。他的故事為大家所認識,願他的故事永遠存留在你們當中。


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Justine (Granddaughter)

Entered September 21, 2022

My grandpa was a hardworking man, a kind soul, and a friend to all. I will carry these parts of him with me wherever I go in life. May he rest peacefully.

Marcia Phillip (Daughter's friend)

Entered September 21, 2022 from Toronto

My prayers and thoughts are with you during this difficult time. May the Lord strengthen the family, and surround you with peace and comfort. Please accept my deepest sympathies.

Tiff (granddaughter)

Entered September 21, 2022 from Stouffville

I am honoured to have been his granddaughter. He was one of the best people to be around because of his upbeat and joyful personality that truly lighted up my world, greeting me every time with the biggest smile and an enthusiastic wave. Creating a strong bond with him at an early age, I am forever thankful to have been raised by him and for him to have watched me grow up to the person I am today. My forever gong gong, rest in peace.

Laura Quach (Daughter)

Entered September 21, 2022 from Stouffville

My beloved dad, 85 years of a life well lived! Thank you for all you have done for us and our daughters. Rest in peace daddy, you will be greatly missed by all of us and we love you always!

Steven Liao (Friend)

Entered September 21, 2022 from Markham

Terry was an kind man that I had the pleasure of knowing for four years. He never failed to put a smile on my face every time we met. May his soul Rest In Peace.


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