In memory of

Swee-Lin Lim - 林羅瑞蓮太夫人仙遊

April 22, 1927 -  January 27, 2023

We are sad to announce the passing of Swee-Lin Lim, who died Friday, January 27th at the age of 95. She passed away at home peacefully in her sleep.

Swee-Lin was predeceased by her husband and her eldest son. She is survived by her daughter, three sons and nine grandchildren.

The funeral will be a private ceremony with only close family members present. However, if you would like to honour her, we invite you to make a donation to North York General Hospital in place of sending flowers.

我們懷著沈重(痛)的心情通知各位:我家摯愛的長輩林羅瑞蓮女士已於 1 月 27 日星期五在家裏睡夢中安詳地離世,享年 95 歲,留下了女兒,三個兒子和九個孫輩。

告別儀式將會(從簡地)以一個只有摯親家人參與的私人形式進行。 如果您想要向她表示致意,我們誠意地邀請您向北約克綜合醫院捐款以替代帛金或送花給她。 感謝大家的支持及關懷。


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Jimmy Ng Eng Ming (Friend of the family)

Entered January 29, 2023 from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

May Swee-Lin Lim RIP

Franco and Tanya Salituro (Colleague)

Entered January 31, 2023 from Uruguay

Dear Norman and family,

We are saddened to hear of the loss of your beloved grandmother. We know what she meant to everyone in your family so we cannot imagine the loss you must be feeling right now. Even though we did not know her well, we know she must have been an incredible person knowing how she influenced all of you. God bless her.

Franco and Tanya Salituro


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