In memory of

Sita Iyer

August 20, 1938 -  July 19, 2021

A woman driven by unconditional love and light, Sita Iyer passed away on July 19, 2021 at the age of 82. Merely a month away from her 83rd birthday, Sita dedicated her life to spreading as much happiness and adoration to those around her, as possible. She was a beautiful spirit of devotion, committed to being the most loving companion, mother, grandmother, friend, and human that she could be.

With almost 30 years in their happy home-base in Greensboro, North Carolina, Sita built numerous friendships and enjoyed the tight knit community of her Sai family alongside her surviving husband, Srikanta Iyer, of 61 years.

Her desire to explore and relish in all the simple things that make life beautiful - including cooking, gardening, and sewing - made her impossible to miss, and even more impossible to forget. Sita had a belief in God that gave her strength to be a woman who could make something from nothing, in every avenue of her life.

She faced a great deal of personal hardships over the course of her years, but she never let her struggles overcast the vibrant smile and warm aura that she was celebrated for.

As the brightest flower in our gardens, she will forever be missed, but never forgotten.

Please feel free to leave any fond memories that you have with our beloved Sita here, and join us for her virtual memorial service being held on Friday, July 23rd at 11:30AM EST (details below).

Om Sai Ram


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Ruchika Karnani (Granddaughter)

Entered July 22, 2021

My dearest, most loving, most radiant Pati... It's so surreal to think that I can't hug you, or hold your hand, or pinch your adorable cheeks anymore... but this is not goodbye, just a "see you later".

Though I still have so much to learn, your teachings have made their mark in my heart to last a lifetime, and beyond. I love you with all my heart, and I hope everyone enjoys your incredible food and more incredible spirit up in heaven... I'm absolutely sure they will. See you again, my beautiful Seethu. Rest well xx

Priyanka Pande (Daughter)

Entered July 22, 2021 from Greensboro

She was my mom here in Greensboro, forever smiling and loving. Having her hand on my head told me that world was a good place and everything will be alright. Always feeding us nourishment through both her love and her loving food. I will miss you Sita aunty, have no words to express the loss that I feel. No one will be able to fill the void in our lives. Bhajans and Satsangs will never be the same again.

Ramesh Akkiangadi (Family Friend)

Entered July 22, 2021 from Greensboro

We will miss you Sita Aunt but you will never be forgotten. You had been a supporter to arts and culture through our Greensboro Kannada association. May you have a peaceful eternity.
We pray for Srikanta Uncle and family.
OM Shanti

Genga Rajaram (Sai family)

Entered July 22, 2021 from Greensboro

Sita Aunty is very close to our heart as she never forgets to inquire about my children and a great Sai devotee. I have always admired her dressing sense and ever fresh smile. We miss you Sita Aunty and your devotional offering during Bhajans. Rest In Peace Aunty.

Krishna Priya Varanasi (Friend)

Entered July 22, 2021 from Greensboro, NC

Sita Aunti's bright smile and warm embrace will forever be missed. She was larger than life, and it was our privilege to know her. Her absence will be noted in every gathering and our hearts are with Iyer Uncle during this difficult time.


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