In memory of

Roy William Law

October 27, 1931 -  November 24, 2018

Roy William Perry Law, beloved Brother, husband, Dad, Grandpa, great-grandfather, Uncle, cousin , lover and friend passed away on November 24th after a long battle with cancer. A gifted golfer, baseball, ping pong player, scrabble champion, photographer, artist, traveler and awesome dancer Roy had a zest for life. He had just turned 87 on October 27th 2018 and was strong, brave and stoic to the end. We who remain will miss him but are grateful for the joy and laughter he added to our lives.


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John & Ruth Merkley (Nephew)

Entered November 26, 2018 from Mississauga

A lovely & kind man that will truly be missed. Rest in peace Uncle Roy.

A. (Tony) Wallis (Friend, one-time fellow parishioner at St. Mary's Anglican)

Entered November 27, 2018 from Richmond Hill

An all-round good bloke !

Karen (Law) Doucette (Sister)

Entered November 28, 2018

I did not know him as a boy
My older brother Roy
He was a young man and a father by the time that I was born
I grew up with his children, as he watched us run and play
And every smile that he gave brightened each and every day
We shared a love of OUR father, Ray, who brought us all together
Who taught us love of family is Always and Forever
Although this is goodbye for now, my memories full of Joy
Forever in my heart you'll be My Dearest Brother Roy xoxo

Christopher Lam (Family friend)

Entered November 29, 2018 from Richmond Hill

You are missed.

Maggie Lam (Family)

Entered December 26, 2018 from Ottawa

I know you are now the best you can be. A loving soul and angel with a heart of gold. You shall forever be my favourite grandfather. Thank you Roy for your beautiful memories. I truly miss your kind presence. May you watch over over us and keep us safe my darling. You are loved.

Life Stories 

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Timothy Law (Son)

Entered November 27, 2018 from Richmond Hill

Roy had his family and friends up to to the common room at his building in Richmond Hill one New Years day. He put out a big spread and decided he would put a pot of mulled wine on the table with a propane heater under it to keep it warmed. Just as I was pointing out that the whole thing was under a fire alert the alarm went off. The loudest most sustained fire alarm I've ever heard. All the elderly tenants came down to the engines arrived by what seemed the dozen and in the midst of this Roy managed to disappear.
When the alarm was shut off and Roy given a mild lecture his guests promised him they would be sure to tell this story forever.
And so I am !


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