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Poy Shin Jang

January 7, 1932 -  November 19, 2019

Poy Shin Jang, 87, passed away peacefully Tuesday morning on November 19, 2019. She was born on January 7, 1932 in Hoi Ping, China and is survived by her seven children and four grandchildren. She was a very active and hardworking mother, creative in home decor and enjoyed gardening, travelling and caring for her family. She is well loved and will be deeply missed.


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Nadeepa Ranasinghe (Colleague)

Entered November 26, 2019 from Mississauga

Jeff and family. I'm so sorry for your loss, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Haley Lam (Granddaughter)

Entered November 29, 2019

Staying at Popo's house while we waited for one of our parents to come pick us up after work was a major part of mine and my brother's weekly routine when we were young. My brother and I would love to eat Popo's pork chops, and she loved to cook them for us. It got to a point where she never asked us what we wanted for dinner anymore--when she knew we were coming over, she would automatically prepare that pork chop dinner. She always remembered what made us happy.

Life Stories 

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Judy (Daughter)

Entered November 24, 2019 from Scarborough

Missing You Already.

We've been involved in your care for so long, it's hard to believe you are no longer with us. We wanted more - one more touch, one more caress, one more smile, one more walk, one more day... missing you already.

Judy (Daughter)

Entered November 24, 2019 from Scarborough

Energizer Mummy,

Life was not easy emigrating to Canada. Mum had to be creative stretching every dollar to ensure we had food and a roof over our heads. Mum spent countless hours sewing, cooking and caring for us when we were young. As we got older, she would spend hours tending to her flowers & garden in addition to making yummy traditional baked goods. My memories of Mum are of her always doing something, rarely taking it easy and sometimes becoming "crazy people doing crazy work" meaning that she sometimes makes extra work for herself for no reason. Of course she slowed down as she got to her 80s, but she still loved her walks.

Sue Jang (daughter)

Entered November 25, 2019 from Scarborough

A walk with Mom

When the weather was good
we would take Mom out
for a walk on a path
around the neighbourhood.
The sunshine and breeze, just being outside
would make us feel better.

Mom knew life was a struggle.
She came to Canada with very little
but was able to raise her family
and accomplished financial security.

But how does one fight against
a horrifying sickness?
It takes away memories,
the essence of who we are.

When I walked with my Mom
I realized she achieved so much.
She has inner strength and courage
and will always inspire us.

Mom, don't worry about us
go to a better place
rest in peace.

Sue (daughter)

Entered November 25, 2019

My parents immigrated to Canada to have a better life. My mom was in a foreign country with a young child, was mostly alone and did not know the language. There were many hardships, but she was able to provide for her family.
She was extremely hard-working, creative and energetic. When we were young, she sewed to cloth 7 of us, made her own curtains; crocheted decorative items, pillow and blanket coverings; knitted hats, scarfs and vests. She also cooked us traditional Chinese dishes.
In June, she would prepare the fillings to make 'Joong', a bowl-size dumpling made of glutinous rice with fillings (pork belly, Chinese sausage, salted duck egg, red beans, dried shrimp and peanuts), wrapped in bamboo leaves. She made 100+ and it took almost a full day to wrap and tie the Joongs. The Joongs were cooked in this giant pot and we waited in anticipation ..delicious. She also made us her special soups, not so tasty, but she said 'to keep us healthy'.
I remember she took us grocery shopping and the store was far, but we had to walk home carrying the bags of groceries. it was a tough but necessary task. She had hundreds of tasks and she did them. She succeeded in raising her family.
Mom, thank you for taking care of us. We will miss you so much.

kam (daughter)

Entered November 25, 2019 from scarborough on

Life was harsh for Chinese immigrant in the late 1950. Mom was smart, talent, a beautiful active woman working long hours. She was not in the best of health but live a full life showing her love with tradition Chinese food(dim sum). Her artist talent... sew, knit and cross-stitch, clothing her 7 children and d├ęcor of her home. She enjoy her garden and travel.

I know Mom is now in a better place and happy!


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