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Pine Hills Candlelight Memorial 2021

December 8, 2021

In honour of remembering loved ones during the holiday season, we invite you to view our Virtual Candlelight Memorial Service.

This year's memorial service has been recorded and will be posted to this website as of Wednesday, December 8, 2021 at 7 pm.
All are invited to share the viewing of the service at your convenience in the comfort of your homes until January 20, 2022.

The program will include readings, reflections, musical interludes, a candle-lighting ceremony and an In Memoriam photo gallery to honour those we cared for who are no longer with us. For the lighting of the candles, we encourage you to have 1 to 7 candles or tealights and a lighter, ready to light along with us.

To view the memorial service, please click on the "Candlelight Memorial Service" button below.

To view photos submitted for the In Memoriam photo gallery, please click on "Media" in the toolbar at the top of this webpage, and then "Videos".

You may also click on Sign the Guestbook to write a tribute in memory of your loved one.

Thank you for participating in our Candlelight Memorial Service.


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Debbie Goonsammy (Errol Goonsammy and Alexander Goonsammy)

Entered December 9, 2021 from North York

Errol was loving husband and father to our children Crystal, Justin and Alexander.
We are Blessed to have had him in our life and we miss him dearly.

Crystal Goonsammy (Alexander Goonsammy and Errol Goonsammy)

Entered December 9, 2021 from Toronto

Alexander Goonsammy was loving son to Debbie Goonsammy and brother to Crystal Goonsammy and Justin Goonsammy.
Alexander was loved and cherished by all. He was a giver and peacemaker and greatest helper. Educated in Computer Technology and Analysis just his father Errol Goonsammy. Alexander and Errol Goonsammy were very religious. We will remember them in everything we do. Thank you.

Cheryl Shasta (Niece)

Entered December 10, 2021 from Little Britain, ON

In remembrance of the best aunt, Surrogate mom and friend. Missed every day but blessed with memories and love.

Suzanne Mandrozos (daughter of Anne Sherlock)

Entered December 12, 2021 from Scarborough

Always loved - Always remembered

Walter James Ernst (Daughter)

Entered December 13, 2021 from Pine Hills

I miss your smiles and our talks. You live strong in my soul and will forever more. love your sunshine