In memory of

Owen Sela

December 27, 1937 -  March 15, 2023

Owen Sela moved to Canada from the UK to be with Smita Sengupta, his beloved partner of 44 years. With his marriage to Smita, Owen joined the Sengupta family which included Sreela, sister-in-law and their parents Anima and Hiranya, and the extended Sengupta families.

Born in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, Owen went to the UK in the fifties where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1963 and went into practice. Predeceased by his parents, Stanley and Blanche, his brothers are Patrick, who resides in Australia and Winston who lives in the UK. Uncle to Judith (Damien), Tonya (Robert), Owen (Annette) and Jonathan, Owen is godfather to Richard Chesterton, son of his close friend, Jenny.

Aside from being a very successful Chartered Accountant, Owen was an accomplished author of several spy thrillers. On a plane to Australia to relieve the tedium, he thought up the plot for his first book, The Bearer Plot, which was published in 1972. Over the following twenty years he went on to write twelve thrillers. His background in the highly complex world of international finance made his books most authentic and compelling and were translated into several languages.

He had a fascination with cars and raced them. He played tennis, was a runner and a voracious reader. His love of travel took him all over the world.

Witty, kind and generous, Owen will be missed by his family and friends all over the world.


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David and Caroline Williams (Friend)

Entered March 17, 2023 from Toronto

Our condolences to the Sengupta family. Owen will be missed.

Ruth Baumal Muskat and Jack Muskat (Friends)

Entered March 17, 2023 from 291 St. Germain Ave., toronto M5M 1W4

Smita and Owen were amazing people, creative, thoughtful and we were so fortunate to know both. Smita helped me through the hardest time of my life and we are eternally grateful for this.
Owen’s spirit will live on through his books, his brilliance and his kindness.
Ruth and jack

Marvi Ricker (friend)

Entered March 17, 2023 from Toronto

What an amazing life Owen lived: his accounting business, his novel writing, his running, tennis and car racing, and particularly his extraordinary recovery from a stroke many years ago!. He did everything with passion and commitment, which was very evident in his love for Smita and their jet-setting life together. I will miss him.

Roger and Tatiana Sen (Family)

Entered March 19, 2023 from Thornhill

It was with deep sadness and regret when we heard of Owen's unexpected passing. He was truly a great man and compassionate human being. Highly intelligent, kind, loving, Owen reached out and touched everyone he met. I am glad to have known him and met him in this life.

Christian Gonzalez Martin (Friend)

Entered March 19, 2023 from OTTAWA

Dear Smita, this is devastating news. I could have never imagined Owen leaving us so soon. I am extremely saddened by the new. I considered him a dear friend and a kind soul. He will be missed by all of us. Victoria wad very fond of him as well. We will fly in on Monday. Lots if love Elodie, Victoria and Christian


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