In memory of

Olga Kim

February 17, 1957 -  November 26, 2019

Next February would’ve been her 63rd birthday...

More than 62 years ago, on a cold winter day, a little girl was born. From that very moment, until today, that girl made every day a warmer, nicer one for her family and for so many of her beloved friends. Her presence was filled with jokes and laughter, storytelling, sincere emotions and, most importantly, love. Olga truly lived her life to the fullest. There was never a dull moment with her! We can all recall a story or two about sharing a moment of fun and humor with Olga. Oh, and she invented so many new words, so funny and so descriptive, that the family lovingly uses them all the time! She was truly life itself.

And she cared so much about others! While bed-ridden at the hospital, she was worried about her family not having enough rest, about her niece making multiple trips to Toronto to visit her, about her beloved son, the love of her life, Kirill, working too hard. And as long as she was able to talk, she continued to make jokes and make those around her laugh. Until her very last breath.

Her last day with us will be bitterly cold and windy. The weather, it seems, is also mourning her loss. But each of us who knew her will take the warmth of Olga’s heart and preserve it in ours. Thank you for being a part of Olga’s life!


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Света (Подруга)

Entered November 28, 2019 from Ричмонд Хил

Я познакомилась с Олей на работе. С первых дней она стала не только коллегой но и подругой. Она умела приободрить и дать ценный совет. А как она умела веселить. В моих глазах она сейчас стоит как большая озорная девчонка. В то же время это была умная и искренняя женщина.
Невозможно передать словами как глубока моя скорбь... она ушла как светлый человек, хороший друг, любящая мать, верная сестра.
Сопереживаю вашей потере.

Sujit Kusum Paul (BGIS Colleague)

Entered November 29, 2019 from Markham

Let her soul survive in our memory.

Jennifer Zhou (Colleague)

Entered November 29, 2019 from 80 Micro Court

It' s such pity that I haven't hugged you enough when the day you said good-bye to us in office. You said you were going to have a short leave.. And I have always thought that you would come back to us shortly. You have always inspired us with your intelligence and humor sense and kindness. Wish you peaceful in heaven.

Moise Ojong (Work Colleague)

Entered November 29, 2019 from Toronto, canada

I met Olga in April 2015 and she was quite enthusiastic and fun to be around. She was very engaging and always very friendly and helpful. Her positive vibes radiated around the office and particularly with her teammates. She was a very warm and caring person. It is so sad to see such a lovely and beautiful soul go. I 'll miss the fun discussions, the smiles, the joy that she brought to the office. I 'll miss you Olga! Much blessings to you and your son and the rest the family. May your soul rest in peace!
Moise Ojong

Rama Sekar (Friend/Colleague)

Entered November 29, 2019 from Innovative centre

it was such pity we did not expect it was happened to her soon. We loved you so much. We keep us laughter all the time. we always laugh when you are around us.
Such a wonderful and loveable friend you are. We are missing you so much. My blessing always for your Son.


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