In memory of

Oktavian Ungureanu

October 30, 1934 -  April 15, 2023

With heartfelt sadness we’re sharing the news of our father (“Tata”), Oktavian Ungureanu, and his passing on Saturday April 15, 2023.

Tata was born to Stefan Ungureanu and Alma (nee Hoflich) during ​​a chaotic time in history which caused the family to separate and our father being orphaned and raised in Austria. These events instilled in him a desire to travel and to find a better life.
As a young boy, he took the opportunity to leave on the ship, Samaria, and find a new life in Canada.
While working as a Confectioner / Baker, he found and married the love of his life and our mother, Leokadia (nee Jakubczak) Ungureanu.
They were a perfect match and raised a family of two children thus growing their love and our father’s desire to build a better life for all of us.
The family was not our dad’s only passion which extended to knowledge of aircraft, languages (which he spoke four), creative photography, Olympic sports and the collection of coins and stamps. Tata continued to love travel, especially to his homeland of Austria with Hawaii being a close second. These passions all were shared with us which ignited our own desire to learn more.

Their love sponsored eight family members to come to Canada where they established a new thriving life for themselves and their children.
Tata was always a very generous husband, father, and uncle. His generosity extended to everyone that he met and he relished to always be helpful.
Our dad was an industrious breadwinner and entrepreneur where he always had something on the “side”. Started from installing TV antennas, installing windows until Tata grew his business to Arts caulking and weatherstripping Inc.

Tata always fought to provide us the best while sharing with us his love, laughter, and sense of humour. Tata had a big heart and taught us the important values in life, the value of hard work, ethics, and to strive in this world.

Tata was an amazing dad and husband who leaves a great gap in our lives and will be greatly missed.
Our hearts are full with the content knowledge that Tata is now and always will be dancing with mama.


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Linda Dardis (Friend)

Entered April 18, 2023 from Ontario

Beata my deepest sympathy.

Sandy Sutton (Friend of Beata)

Entered April 18, 2023 from Etobicoke

Please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your father. He lived a full life and left behind many wonderful memories. Treasure the precious times you had with him. He lives on in you. May your Dad Rest in Peace.

Janet Amare (Friend, healer)

Entered April 18, 2023 from Town of Durham, Ontario

Oktavian was a loving father and keen observer of life on Earth. I will always remember his bright sense of humour and interest in world events. My love goes out to his children and family who cared for him deeply.

Lesley H. Da Silva (Friend)

Entered April 18, 2023 from Etobicoke

I came to know and love Oktavian in recent years. One of my favourite things about Oktavian, aside from his quick wit and sense humour, was his twinkling blue eyes, ever revealing playful and mischievous thoughts he kept quiet, or at least tried. We'd burst out laughing if I called him out on what I thought he was thinking, it seems I was accurate often, which made it all the funnier the next time. Pretty Woman, Top Gun and Troy will be movies that will forvemore remind me of our time together, commenting on the planes and horses, sparking other discussions, that extended into Politics. He owed me a Waltz...however I trust he is Waltzing now in heaven with a better partner and first love, his wife. I love and miss you Oktavian, thank you for being my friend. Enjoy heaven.

Eddie Ng (Friend)

Entered April 18, 2023 from Richmond Hill


Please accept my condolences for your loss. I didn’t have the honour to meet your dad personally but I can tell he was an incredible person.

Eddie, Teresa and Michelle


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