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Info: Dear relatives, friends, brothers and sisters, Thank you for your condolences, prayers and thoughts. The family would like to have a quiet time to mourn and heal during this difficult time. Therefore, we may not be able to thank each one of you and reply to each email. Thank you for your understanding. Since Feon loved to do volunteer service in these organizations, in lieu of flowers, please visit the "Donations" page. They can be made directly to Toronto Christian Community Church (TCCC) or 105 Gibson Centre. 敬愛的親戚,朋友及主內弟兄姊妹,十分感激你們的慰問、致唁和代禱! 家人希望這段艱難的日子能有多點私人空間去渡過哀傷及治療;縱使我們未必能逐一回覆,但我們謝謝你們體諒,更會是衷心的感激! 敬辭花藍,如有帛金,家人願意大家捐贈以下自選一慈善機構 - 多倫多華人基督教會 或 105 Gibson Centre 社區中心. 請點擊「捐贈」分頁。

Private family event - Funeral (私人家屬的喪禮安息禮拜)

Saturday, 26 Sep 2020 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Info: Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and gathering restrictions, this will be a private family event only. Please DO NOT ATTEND IN person. We welcome your prayers and thoughts during this time. 既因Covid-19疫情大蔓延政府規管限聚令,這喪禮只限直屬家人参加, 請切勿親臨現場出席;我們是非常珍惜你們的禱告及記念!