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林木城先生 Muk Shing Lam

December 17, 1930 -  November 28, 2018



他從事海員職業超過31年,在其職業生涯中贏得同事和僱主的尊重. 林木城先生和太太和幼女於一九九一年移民加拿大.

移民後他很享受烹飪之樂,而且經常準備很多美食給與家人和朋友分享. 更積極參與新移民英語課程和參加關於健康講座. 他亦十分喜愛參加社區和教會的活動.

林木城先生遺下長女少芬, 女婿許子騰; 次女亦芬, 女婿陳清流, 子夢麟, 兒媳劉凱珠和幼女悅芬; 六名外孫和九名外曾孫.

他是一位慈愛的父親, 外公, 太公和每個人的朋友. 他的家人和朋友都會非常懷念他.

Mr. Muk Shing Lam passed away peacefully in Scarborough General Hospital on Nov 28, 2018.

He worked as a seaman for over 31 years and earned respect from his colleagues and employers. He immigrated to Canada in 1991 with his wife and youngest daughter after he retired. Muk Shing enjoyed cooking and always made delicious dishes for his family and friends. He took English classes for new immigrants and attended health related seminars. He also loved outing and participated in community and church activities.

Mr. Muk Shing Lam is survived by his daughters, Siu Fun (少芬) and husband, Zi Tang Hui (許子騰); Yik Fun (亦芬) and husband, Ching Lau Chan (陳清流); son, Horace (夢麟) and wife, Elvia (劉凱珠); daughter, Yuet Fun (悅芬); 6 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.

He will be fondly missed by his family and friends.


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陳葆文 (外甥女)

Entered December 3, 2018


士光 (姨甥)

Entered December 3, 2018 from HONG KONG

姨丈 大人冥鍳
甥 士光泣叩

Hedy and Jack So (Sister in law and spouse of Horace Lam)

Entered December 3, 2018 from Scarborough

Dear Horace, Fun and family:

Our deepest condolences to you and your family on the passing of your father. It is never easy to lose a parent, no matter at what age. I pray for your peace and comfort as you continue your life journey without your father's earthly presence.

陳清流 (二女婿)

Entered December 4, 2018

獲悉岳丈大人逝世,深感悲痛,無法 前往送您最後一程 甚為遺憾 . 我與你老人家 接觸時間 雖然不多, 但你仁慈 , 厚道, 純樸, 公正的品德, 永存我心, 也是子孫們 學習 的楷模. 為了悼念你, 我寫了一副 挽聯 :



许健旋、胡春晓、胡蕙雅 (外孙女阖家)

Entered December 5, 2018



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