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呂明仙女仕Ming Xian Lu

February 8, 1933 -  January 20, 2019

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Yu Sine Chen Wong (Niece)

Entered January 24, 2019 from Beecroft location

Ashi ( my aunt from my dad's side) came to Canada with her husband, my uncle , and three of her grown up children and families from China more than thirty years years. As is customary for chinese women, she kept her maiden name "Lu", even
though she married a "Chen".

As she did in China, she worked outside and inside the home, providing care and work for a total of six children. Life in those days, were very very tough, but she had overcome all odds to build a successful home for her off springs and several grandchildren, in Canada and China. She is an excellent mother and grandmother. Always generous with her time and money, and always done with a smile.

She will be greatly missed by Uncle, and the rest of her family.

Rest in Peace, Aunt.
Yu Sine Chen


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