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Marilyn "Pumpkin seed/road runner" Frost



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mike frost (husband)

Entered June 22, 2019 from toronto

my dear dear wife. sometimes I wonder how this happened.i have no answers to give.i just hope I made you proud of how I manage this crisis.
for this I will over see your family remains and what remains of your family till the day I join you

Norine and John Lawson (Long time friend.)

Entered June 22, 2019 from Marmora, Ontario

We have known Marilyn since she was a young girl. She was a lovely girl, funny and full of life. She went too soon and will be missed.

Roy and Dianne Frost (In-laws)

Entered June 23, 2019 from Georgetown

There are no words to express our sorrow for our loss. Our family was enhanced with the addition of Marilyn to our family. We will miss her outgoing, caring and loving attitude towards everything she did in our lives. You will be greatly missed.

Roy and Dianne Frost

Sandra & Peter Look-Hong (Best Friends)

Entered June 23, 2019 from London, On

Dearest Marilyn, there is no words to describe how I feel with you leaving me, as I always thought I will go before you. Sickness have a very surprising way of showing it's powers to all of us. Knowing you and loving you as my very best friend for over 35 years of our lives. We had so much good times, all the parties, the dinners and the drinks (beautiful happy memories). My Children (Peter Jr. Jennifer, Steve, and Nicole) My husband Peter, we loved you and will be missed dearly. Love you Marilyn, you will always be in my heart: your best friend Sandra.

Claudette & Chantal (Friend)

Entered June 23, 2019 from Scarborough, Ontario

Marilyn has been my friend for a very long time and she was a friend that anyone would want by their side in any circumstances. She will surely be missed. Thank you Marilyn for all the good times.

Love you very much.

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Mike Frost (Husband)

Entered June 23, 2019 from Toronto

I married this beautiful lady in 2009. She changed my life in so many ways i can not list them. We were planning our 10th wedding anniversary in Montreal in September.
I truly love my Marilyn , I do have solace that I can watch over her daughter and grandchildren that makes me feel connected to her spirit. I Truly love this woman when she smiled at me nothing else matter than keeping that smile.

Mike Frost (husband)

Entered June 24, 2019 from TORONTO


Chantelle Murray (daughter)

Entered June 24, 2019 from port hope

There are so many stories in 30 1/2 years.

I am her daughter Chantelle Murray, Mother of Amy and Anthony...
My mom and I had so many good memories.The memories were created through a bond a mother and daughter should have.
Our story started in Scarborough, Ontario where i was born.

Spending every single day together except some weekends of the month where i would go to my Murray side for sleepovers.
When I think of my mom, I think of all the nights I jumped in bed with her, probably up until the age of 10 lol. I think of all the mornings she was dedicated with raising me , but also her career. My mom put me through swimming lessons, karate, she moved me to a wonderful neighborhood of Yonge and Eglinton when i got my own bedroom. lol. Then i was out of her room but still found a way to go to my moms room evening having my own room. We were always close.

I remember all of our shopping trips downtown At the Eaton Centre, Fairview Mall, Dixie Mall. Through my teens mom would take me to ROCKWELL downtown.
Go for lunches in Regent Park with my Uncle.

Through my later teens, we were blessed with Amy being added to our family, we were officially the four generations people would say the four stunning generations.
A few years later, i blessed my mom with a beautiful grandson, who we called her lucky 7 baby as he was born on the 7th.

My mother turned into more then just a mom, the best grandmother. A grandmother who was devoted, taking my kids to many parks,trips,cottages with her husband, they came to many events we held as a family.

I was her maid of honor at her wedding when i was just into my 20's... I was so blessed to see my mom happy after being just with me for so many years.
A man who i call my step father today. (MIKE FROST)
Not everyone gets blessed with 2 parents, but a step parent to. Also a wonderful Step family who were always good to my children.

Mom, I will forever cherish our memories, i will be doing my eulogy on Wednesday and everyone can hear the rest of what i need to say to you.
I miss you every second of the day already. No words can describe this but i know you didn't have pain and i know you passed away at your favorite part of the day.

Love always Chantelle
Love you Chicky.

Mike Frost (husband)

Entered June 26, 2019

Marilyn loved Algonquin park with passion u could not extinguish.She once called it her zen place. She was happier there than any other place she went. One time we camped 2 days deep in the park along side of a portage to another lake <800mlong> people would rest at the end right where we were ,or gear up for the portage.eitherway Marilyn was all over them with water a cold beer, mosquito spray,even directions to the parking lot.
This is where a portion of her will be taken shortly. there is a fresh water spring thatfeeds brigham lake.Her spirit will flow throughout the park's water system for generations.
The main bulk of my love's ashes will be buried in the cemetery at the top of the hill in norval beside my grandmother in the frost family plot. My wife truly loved her and had a lot in common with her


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