In memory of

Marijana Vidic

January 5, 1947 -  February 8, 2020

Together let's celebrate the life of Marijana Vidic, amazing "baka", grandmother, to Natasha, Bianca, and Siena, loving wife to Antun, caring sister to Slavka and daughter to Kata, and mom to everyone that knew her, but especially to Anita, Daniel, Andrea, and Mark.

"Where do you go when you leave us at night?" a child once questioned the sun. "You fill up our lives with warmness and light... but then when you go, we'll have none!"

"I'm still shining bright, but in a new place," the sun kindly answered and smiled. "But though you don't see me, I promise you this... I'm still all around you, my child. I'm the radiant glow that colours the sky long after I've slipped out of view. I'm the warmth in the earth and the life in the flower that quietly blossoms for you.

And even at night, I shine on the moon - a promise I hope you will see... So you know in your heart that my love and my light are with you... and always will be."


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Nikolina Vidic 

Entered February 9, 2020 from Madrid

Even I never knew her in person I feel as one part of me has gone.

Lokmer (Cousin)

Entered February 9, 2020 from Paris

Dear Cousin,
We didn’t get the chance to say goodbye but if I could have said two words to you I would have said : « « thank you ! » ... thank you for your generosity , thank you for your delicate attentions. Never any useless words but always this everlasting smile and kindness which breaks any the language barriers. Your language is the language of love and will be graved in my heart forever. I’ll never forget this weekend we spent in my house in Normandy in 1999 where you spent the all time sewing my curtains smiling and being your lovely self doing your best to please me , you filled my heart with your smiles and your generosity... Its been more than 20 years ago and I changed the decoration several times but I’ve never been able to take them of because you touched my heart and my soul so deeply on that weekend. I remember thinking to myself : «  you are probably the best of all of us ! » I’ve never told anyone about it but I still think of you every time I watch those curtains and I’ve always been so proud to tell everyone «  that’s my Canadien cousin who sewed my curtains ! aren’t they beautiful ? even if they are now kind of falling a little bit apart after such a long time but they are and they will alway be the most beautiful curtains I have ever had because they are the only ones which have ever been sewed for me with love. Rest in peace dear Angel ♥️

Daniel Fenster (Son in-law)

Entered February 9, 2020

You’ll live in our hearts mom. Every beautiful flower I see will remind me of you.

Carolyn Cohen (Dear friend of Andi, Dan and Tasha)

Entered February 9, 2020 from NYC

Our hearts go out to this loving family, whose matriarch was so special she lite up her children and grandchildren .. They will carry her torch forward and extend it into the future
Loads of love
Carolyn and Larry

Lourdes Hartrick (Friend)

Entered February 9, 2020 from Bellerose, Queens

I wish I could be there to pay my respects. I loved your comments about your beautiful Mom. She is an Angel now. Sending Love to you and your family!!


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