In memory of

Marcus Nouwens

August 18, 1974 -  November 29, 2018

Marcus Johannes Theodorus Nouwens has left us.
He is survived by his partner Rachel Hepburn Craig, his children Maike and Oliver Nouwens, his parents John and Cathy Nouwens, his brother and his wife, Harm and Kim Nouwens and their children Matteus, Maiya and Mitchell.
He was 44.

Marc was many things: a proud Canadian born in the Netherlands, a skilled and dedicated engineer, a generous host. But what defined him most was undoubtedly fatherhood. His two greatest joys and achievements were his children. He loved Maike and Oliver with everything he had.

It was well known that Marc would do anything for his family and friends. Always quick to lend a hand or run an errand, he was unfailingly reliable, no matter the task. He gave of himself not just willingly, but enthusiastically. He lived for others.

When tasked with living for himself, however, Marc struggled. Depression would cast a dark cloud over his life, and over his sense of self-worth. And at moments when he needed help, it often became clear to those who cared about him that he didn’t know how to receive it. That didn’t stop him from trying.

Marc taught us many things. But he leaves us with one important lesson; that despite what many of us as human beings struggle with every day of our lives—feelings of loneliness, rejection, confusion, self-doubt—truth will help us move beyond these challenges, and love will light the path. Love is, and will always be, the only thing that truly matters.

We loved Marc, and will continue to love him.
We mourn our loss, and his.


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Sylvia Welsh & Family (Fellow DAS parent and costume maker)

Entered December 1, 2018 from Toronto

Rachel Mailke & Oliver
Please accept a big hug from Elliot and I
We think of you and yours with tears in our hearts.
I will always remember Mark for the role he played in helping us fight our cause for our children and the Righting DAS gymnasium.
Be kind to yourself and take care

Peter & Barbara Ashenhurst (Former work mates)

Entered December 1, 2018 from Cambridge, ON

A shortened life; a longer memory of a great person.

Mark Poutchkov (Work)

Entered December 1, 2018 from Toronto

Marcus was a great and cheerful person to work with and this is how he will always be remembered.

RIP Marcus.

Nanor Sagherian (Teacher)

Entered December 1, 2018 from Toronto

Sending you all love and light.
With deepest sympathy

Nadia Flynn (Friend)

Entered December 1, 2018 from Hamilton

My heartfelt condolences to Marc’s family. During my high school years, he was a great friend - steady, reliable, caring - always a shoulder to lean on. I hope that has found peace and that his family will be able to live in his memory through their continued love for him and each other.


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