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李文鳳女士 Man Fung Lee

March 14, 1931 -  August 11, 2019

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Billy Shek (Brother in Jesus Lord)

Entered August 12, 2019 from Hong Kong


Ellen Li (Niece)

Entered August 13, 2019 from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I will miss hearing your contagious laughter, but continue feeling your love regardless of where you are.

Timothy Tai (Close Friend)

Entered August 14, 2019 from HK

Hi Clara, I am terribly sorry to hear about the loss of your mum last night, Sister Fung (鳳姐)!
鳳姐 is a great mum. She has only limited education due to born in not rich family but she fully understands that education can change of life. She earns not much but still desperate to save some money to support her daughter’s expense in education. Due to this reason, I got familiar with her since I was a part-time teacher for Clara when she was studying in primary school with aged around eight.
I and 鳳姐 knew each other in a restaurant (HK) while I was a part-time waiter and she is a disc-washing cleaner there.
鳳姐 has a long vision. As the political issue for the handover of HK to China in year 1997, she plans her daughter’s future and to provide more options for her. She left her dearest mum in HK and migrated to Canada with Clara to seek for a better life. She might not accustom the life style there but in order to provide better education and life for Clara, she had no regrets to do so.
At the end, she stayed in Canada until she passed away! This is a valuable and meaningful life for 鳳姐! She is willingly sacrificing her life for providing endless love to her daughter, Clara.
I miss this great friend, 鳳姐! God bless you.

Sean (Grandson)

Entered August 16, 2019 from Uk

Hi granny,

I feel fortunate to have visited you earlier this year and although we could not meet up as often over the year the love and kindness you showed me as a child had not waned in the slightest when we saw you at the care home. I have only pleasant memories of you and I will take that a great blessing.



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