In memory of

Lynda Pauline Vegys

February 26, 1946 -  October 7, 2021

We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.
2 Corinthians 5:8

Lynda Pauline Vegys, (formerly Lynda Towns), passed on to the next life at Casa Dolce Casa in Woodbridge on October 7, 2021 at the age of 75 years. Lynda, (who was known to many as "Mrs.Lynda"), had a passion for animals and children. During her years as a homemaker, she became a beloved babysitter to many of the neighborhood children, and her home was always a hub of hi jinks and activity. Her involvement at her local church was centered around children, where she taught Sunday school. When the church needed help with their nursery, she volunteered and eventually took on the responsibility for its operation for several years. Lynda was also a caring pet owner to "secondhand" dogs that needed someone to love them, and developed a reputation for being able to adopt a dog in need. When her children started high school, she returned to the work force, where her journey eventually led her to open her own successful cleaning business that she ran until retirement.

Predeceased by her husband Algyrdas (Al) Vegys, Lynda will be remembered and missed by her son Adam and his wife Jewely, her daughter Laura and her husband Ben, and her honorary daughter Saira and her family. She is also survived by her mother Wilhelmina, her brother David, sister Carol and their children.

As we have taken the Covid restrictions under consideration, we will be holding the memorial outside so all will be welcome. Masks will not be required, and comfortable footwear and weather appropriate attire is suggested. After the service, there will be a short procession to the graveside, where you can pay your respects and say your goodbyes before the casket will be lowered.


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Patti Gauthier (Adam’s mother-in-law)

Entered October 10, 2021 from Pembroke ON

My sincere sympathies to all Linda’s family and friends

Patricia E. DeBellefeuille (Friend)

Entered October 10, 2021 from Brampton

To my best friend,
It was hard moving away and then you got sick. I've missed you yesterday, today and all the rest of my tomorrows. I know that you are with your beloved husband; and that my son will probably make himself known to you.

You've taken a piece of my heart with you and until we see each other again.

Love Patricia and Pat's or as you liked to call us, the two Pat's

Carol Anne Gutauskas ("baby" sister)

Entered October 12, 2021 from Brampton

Lynda was my second mom. My big sister. She doted on my children as if theh were her own and never missed sending a birthday card even when they got older. All she ever wanted to be was a wife and a mother, which she was. But she was also a caring person her neighbors could rely on, her employers could count on. I am pretty sure she would have cut off her own arm to help someone in need. She was an avid sales shopper and never failed to notify of specials on things she knew I used.
Even as she faded, she was so well loved by the staff at Casa Dolce Casa and never lost her sense of humour. It is stunning to know she is gone, but she is with Jesus, whole, restored and filled with life and joy.
Till we meet again. Love you, sis!

David Leal (Family friend while growing up in Collingwood)

Entered October 12, 2021 from Vancouver BC

My sincere condolences

David Towns (Brother)

Entered October 12, 2021 from Nova Scotia

There are no words. Lynda was my big sister, my nemesis, my example for good or bad, and ultimately, my friend. We could drive each other crazy with a word, or hug and cry over a mutual loss. But for this time there are no hugs, only the tears. And trite as it sounds, I will miss her dearly.

Life Stories 

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David Towns 

Entered October 13, 2021

Some memories from Lynda's younger brother David:

Lynda was the quintessential ‘older sister’ and growing up as the younger sibling was not always the easiest. She was bossy and overbearing. Loud and obnoxious to we underlings. And a good example of what not to do on many occasions.

However she could, and would keep a secret. In fact we both covered for each other as often as was needed or we could get away with. That is not to say we were constantly friendly. We fought, at times like cats and dogs, and if truth were known that little white round scar on the back of her left knee was left by a puncture wound from a pair of scissors caused when brawling on a bed and floor upstairs on 4th Street. I am not sure how we managed to conceal that particular incident but somehow we got away with it. Yes the scissors were in my hand but I was taking them back because they were Mom’s and we were not permitted to touch or use them. So we would both subject to intense questioning if discovered.

However we did conspire on other occasions, such as the time we dropped our Father’s ‘black maria’ down behind the wall boards of the house, never to see the light of day again. (Black maria was a hunk of old barbers strop that was my father’s choice of disciplinary implement and we were both in terror of it, and hated it… it disappeared.)

I have never seen anyone with a hangover anything like the one she had the night after she had been introduced by her friends at the time to ‘Zombies’. She was working in Toronto at the time and I was at York and dropped in on a Saturday morning for a visit, to be greeted by the sorriest sight anyone had ever seen. She gave new definition to the term sick and to my knowledge, never, ever again touched a Zombie.

One of the longest running little bits of torment I held over her head was ‘sing dance’. This had nothing to do with swirling around a floor, but even as recently as a couple of years ago when I visited with her for a week, the simple mention of those magic words could stop her in her tracks.
It all stemmed from the fact that Lynda was a Roy Orbison fan. A HUGE Roy Orbison fan. And he paid a visit to some small club in Kitchener so somehow she just had to be there. This was fine but for one thing. Mom insisted that I had to go along as what….escort? Guardian? For whatever reason we ended up in this dark, loud, hot, cramped club with Roy Orbison live on stage.
And there was my older sister, jumping up and down in front of the stage, waving her arms in the air, looking for all the world like the hysterical teens who greeted the Beatles, screeching at the top of her lungs…….’SING DANCE’ However I kept that one to myself for use on only very special occasions.


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