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楊良業 Leung Yip Peter Yeung

January 25, 1930 -  August 25, 2018

Peter Leung Yip Yeung, 88, peacefully passed away on August 25th, 2018, with his family by his side in Toronto.

Peter spent his youth and early adulthood in China where he learned to fix bicycles. In his 20s, he went to Hong Kong with $10 in his pocket in search for a brighter future. To kick-start his life in Hong Kong, he worked many different jobs with countless of long hours and acquired different life/ work skills. According to Peter, his biggest life accomplishment was marrying the most loving and wonderful wife, Jenny in 1966. Combining the life-savings of Peter and Jenny, they started their first chemical trading business together. Peter did not have much education, but he was a very intelligent, hard working, genuine and helpful person. With these attributes, Peter brought fruition to their business in a very short period of time and became a successful/ respected businessman. He even started his family with Jenny at the same time.

Peter was a very patient person and possessed a tremendous amount of love for his family. He has a strong desire in providing a higher education for his kids, something he could not afford during his childhood. With his family always on the top of his mind, instead of sending his kids overseas to study on their own, Peter sacrificed his successful business in Hong Kong and immigrated together with his family to Canada. In the later part of Peter's life, he picked up new hobbies such as piano and playing with his grandchildren, while practicing his lifelong interest in Chinese chess.

Peter is survived by his wife (Jenny), daughter (Shirley/ Ken), two sons (Jimmy/ Li Ping and Michael/ Anne) and six grandchildren (Emily, Marian, Kyle, Ella, Cadence and Nicholas). Peter was a great role model for his children and showed them how to become a useful member in today’s society. He was also a great husband. Peter and Jenny were deeply in love after 52 years of marriage. Peter will be greatly missed by those he left behind.

For those who wish to pay their respects, Peter’s funeral service will be held as followed:

Elgin Mills Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Centres
1591 Elgin Mills Road East, Richmond Hill, ON, CANADA, L4S 1M9

Visitation: (Not Sept Long Weekend)
Friday, 7 Sep 2018 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Saturday, 8 Sep 2018 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Funeral Ceremony:
Saturday, 8 Sep 2018 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Burial Ceremony:
Saturday, 8 Sep 2018 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Lunch will be provided at a restaurant after the ceremony to those who are interested.



楊先生在中國度過了他的少年,學會了修理自行車。 20多歲時,他帶著10元港幣去了香港尋找更理想的未來。為了開始他在香港的生活,他做過許多不同和長時間的工作,從中獲得了多種生活工作技能。根據楊先生的說法,他的人生最大成就是在1966年與他最愛和最美好的妻子少珍結婚。他們用了所有儲蓄,一起創立第一間化學品貿易公司。楊先生沒有接受高等教育,但他是一個非常聰明,勤奮,真誠和樂於助人的人。憑着他的性格優點,楊先生在很短的時間內為他們的業務帶來了成果,並成為一位成功和受人尊敬的商人。他們的大女兒和兩名兒子先後出世,楊先生和少珍開始了他們幸福的家庭。


楊先生留下了他的妻子(少珍), 女兒(瑞華), 兩個兒子(偉雄和偉強)和六個孫子(詠恩, 家恩, 詩韻,文豐,文熙和巧怡)。楊先生成為了他子孫們的榜樣, 並讓他們知道如何成為社會上有用的人。經過52年的婚姻,楊先生和他的妻子深愛對方。子孫也會非常想念他。


1591 Elgin Mills Road East,Richmond Hill,ON,CANADA,L4S 1M9

2018年9月7日星期五下午4:30 - 晚上8:30
2018年9月8日星期六上午9:00 - 上午10:00

2018年9月8日星期六上午10:00 - 上午11:00

入土儀式 :
2018年9月8日星期六上午11:00 - 上午12:00



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Raj Kothary (Friend of the Michael)

Entered August 31, 2018 from United Kingdom

I am deeply sorry to hear of your loss. From the photo, Peter seemed a happy person (and Michael, you share the same big smile). To read his story reflects my own father's journey through life, where he also keeps family at the top of his mind.

It is a special person that touches so many lives like this and I am sure that he will be missed, but also that he has left behind some wonderful memories. Cherish them forever.

My condolences to the entire Yeung family.

Nabil Adoui (Colleague)

Entered August 31, 2018 from Ottawa

I am terribly sorry to hear the news of your father's passing. From the few words that I read about him, he seems to have left you a great legacy and a wonderful example of an honest and respectable life.
I hope you find consolation in the memories that you shared together, and especially in your last and most precious hour that you spent with him.

My deepest sympathies are with you and the Yeung family.

Regina Yuet Yin Wan and John Siu (Relative)

Entered September 4, 2018 from Virginia, USA

My husband and I are deeply saddened by the passing of Uncle Yeung. We will remember him not only as a talented businessman, but also as a kind and cheerful uncle. Uncle Yeung was, and continues to be, a great inspiration to many. We will miss him so much ........

With our deepest sympathy to the Yeung family.


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