In memory of

Leila Philip

March 12, 1928 -  November 9, 2021

Mrs. Leila Philip Kopparath (fondly known as Leilakochamma), was born on March 12, 1928, and was the eldest of seven children to Mr. K Koshie and Mrs. Elizabeth Koshie. She was married on December 27, 1965, to the late Mr. K. G. Philip.

Leila started teaching at the age of 18 in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Her teaching career took her to Calcutta, Kochi, Madras, Pune, London and Canada. She was tasked with starting the Kendriya Vidyalaya school in Kochi and was appointed as its first principal. She was later transferred to Chennai and Pune before being sent on a scholarship to England.

Leila and her husband, Philip, immigrated to Canada in 1973 where she completed her Master of Education at Queen's University and then spearheaded the ESL program in Scarborough under the Toronto District School Board. She retired in 1993 and was loved by her colleagues and students, many of whom continued to keep in touch.

Leila brought her youngest brother, Ranjan, to Canada in 1991, and lived with him along with his wife, Sajany, and two daughters, Elizabeth (Sonu) and Susan (Sanuja), who fondly called her Leilammachy. She was a pillar of the home, church and community and had a relationship with those of all ages.

She spoke with eloquence, carried herself with grace, had a strong faith in Christ and she will be deeply and incredibly missed.

We eagerly await meeting again on that beautiful shore.


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Deepak Kuriyan (Nephew)

Entered November 11, 2021 from Cochin, India

Leilakochamma , (Big Chief running water 😃)

You held me the day I was born (though in between the long night you put me in a cupboard and forgot about it and went around frantically searching for her oldest nephew 😂).. Our association goes back 60 ++years !!

I treasure the moments we spent together over the years ( including the one where as my First Principal of Central School- you caught my mothers forged signature on the report card 😀)

I was fortunate enough to spend several weekends together with you last in late 2019… The last time I saw you

You were a guiding light to the whole family.

Adieu Leilakochamma… Till we meet again


Roy Abraham (ABRAHAMS) (Family)

Entered November 11, 2021 from Bram[ton, ON, Canada

Our deepest condolences. Kochamma, You will be always fondly remembered. May your soul rest in peace.

Ranjan and Sajany Koshie (Brother and Sister-In-Law)

Entered November 11, 2021 from Scarborough, ON

For 30 years, Leilakochamma was our anchor. We shared a home, countless meals, joys and sorrows. There will never be enough words to express how grateful we are and how much we will miss you. May your soul rest in peace and we will meet you on the other shore.

Elizabeth Koshie (Niece)

Entered November 11, 2021 from Scarborough

To my one and only Leilammachy, I cannot believe I am writing this. You have been an integral part of my life since 1991. You were my biggest critic and strongest supporter. I will never, ever forget what you have done for me and the countless life lessons I learned from you. I count it my honour and privilege to have been able to help and care for you over these past few years.

Leilammachy, I cannot imagine my life without you but I know you are safe in the arms of Jesus. We will meet again soon. All my love, Sonu.

Mrs Manjuabraham (Good friend my brother in law koshiji sister.)

Entered November 12, 2021 from India

Our regards and reverence to our dearest loving lila koschamma. When we met her in Bangalore for our nephews wedding we had lovely time with her.HER Smile and love we have treasured in our memory .closing with prayers and ummass.loving abe manju preethi alex rhea and Neha.


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