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Kwok-Hay Fung 馮錫禧

October 19, 1923 -  October 24, 2022

Mr. Kwok-Hay Fung passed away peacefully on October 24, 2022 at Tendercare Nursing Home (SHN Hospital Transitional Care) in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, after having entered into the 100th year of a blessed life. (Over 100 years old by traditional Chinese custom.)

Mr. Fung was born and grew up in Hong Kong, married in 1944, raised his family and worked as an accountant until retirement in 1980. Right after, he and his wife, together with her mother, immigrated to join their children in Canada and eventually settled in Toronto.

Baptized in 1981, Mr. Fung is now living eternally in paradise. He is dearly remembered by his wife Shook-Ping Fung and his:

- 6 CHILDREN: Kenwil and wife Christine Fung, Helen and husband Mark Tio, Renee and husband Alex Yu, Amy and husband Steven Siu, Cambwell and wife Ellen Fung, Alice and husband Peter To

- 13 GRANDCHILDREN: Derek Fung and wife Clara, Janice Fung, Jeremy Tio and wife Tomoko, Godfrey Tio, Michael Yu and wife Hira, Anthony Yu, Oliver Siu and wife Theresa, Michelle Siu and husband Ibrahim Jalloh, Solomon Fung, Barnabas Fung and wife Jasmine, Nathanael Fung, David To, Kevin To,

- 7 GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN: Riley Fung, Caitlyn Fung, Ricky Tio, Imogen Tio, Taimoor Yu, Alison Siu, Sekou Jalloh.


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Helen, Heung-lan Tio (Daughter)

Entered October 28, 2022

During the last few weeks of care for my beloved father, I saw him had couple drops of tears rolled down his eyes a few times. Each drop of those tears was love that flew from his heart. I will never forget those moments that we shared with his hands holding mine’s.

Renee Yu 馮香妍 (Daughter)

Entered November 1, 2022 from Richmond Hill

Papa, you had devoted your whole life to the family, to us. All your leisure time had spent on our study before we left for Canada. Looking back, you enjoyed very much of tutoring us nightly, ensuring we were all prepared before our tests or examinations. Study took away lot of our time, but you did find time to take us to picnics, beaches and reservoir where you taught me how to swim. All these are fond and affectionate memories forever.
We were lucky that you migrated to Canada in 1980, so that we reconnected after away from each other for almost 10 years. We were able to celebrate our birthdays together since then until you turned 100. My children could visit grandpa at any time to receive your care and love. I know the last 2 months were hard for you for not able to express your feelings in words, but you still recognized me; called my Chinese name “Heung Yim” that is the most joyful moment of that period. My beloved father, I miss you forever. RIP

Queenie Ho (Niece)

Entered November 1, 2022 from Edmonton

我亦很多謝二伯父曾替我改Queenie 的英文名,
我非常喜歡這個名, 使我一生受用!

Godfrey (Grandson)

Entered November 2, 2022

I was fortunate to have lived with Grandfather (Kung Kung) as a young boy. He was instrumental in keeping a watchful eye and caring for me. He certainly taught me many basic necessities I would today casually presume as automatic. Although I fail to grasp a distinct memory today of those many learning moments of what might be considered trivial, I’m grateful Kung Kung sacrificed his time and was patient with me as an energetic child. What I remember most is between the ages 3 to 4, when he would walk me to the park and playground everyday, to the local mall, and there have a “rock” and “ride” on the mechanical horse. All of it was so much fun…other than the slight disappointment and frustration about the horse. At the time I didn’t understand why I had to ride the horse in a stuttering way but in retrospect it was a gift because the humour lives on with more vigour than any electrically powered mechanical horse.

I remember Kung Kung to be a caring and gentle man. He would rock me on his knee and also gently to bed. If I’m not mistaken he would also sing while getting my energetic self to sleep.

Speaking of rocking, my brother Jeremy and I have had a great relationship our entire lives. Well, except perhaps in the beginning when it was rather rocky. These moments were so long ago I barely remember them. Nevertheless, I was temperamental and complained about Jeremy frequently when I was 3. Kung Kung helped keep the peace and it shouldn’t be assumed my brotherly relationship would be as good as it is without grandpa’s interventions.

In reflection, I just remembered another flashback. Within that local mall used to be a Woolco Department store. Kung Kung would take me to the aquarium area there to observe the fish and other aquatic life. It was a miraculous source of fascination and time would stand still.

Alas, I could not remain a boy forever and as I grew times like these became fewer and less frequent. Time walked and then time ran. I won’t forget his loving hospitality however; whenever visiting him, without asking he would make just for me, a creation of a moment, a delicious hot cup of Hong Kong Style Tea.

Jeremy Tio (Grandson)

Entered November 4, 2022 from Toronto

'He took a little child whom he placed among them.
Taking the child in his arms, he said to them,
"Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name
welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but
the one the one that sent me.' "
-The gospel of Mark, Chapter 9, verse 36-37

Jesus was saying that service to little children is a service to our heavenly father. No matter your religious beliefs, would you not agree that this trying and down-right messy work of children is among the greatest service you can offer in your life?

Hello everyone, my name is Jeremy Tio and I am the eldest grandchild of Fung Kwok Hay. As his eldest grandchild, I had the privilege of knowing and remembering the tender service of my grandfather. I am hoping that after reading this, you will have a glimpse into a rarely seen side of our late Gung Gung.

42 years ago, Gung Gung moved into tiny bungalow with my family and took
care of me and my baby brother, Godfrey. Every afternoon, after I returned from school, he would walk us to Agincourt Mall, sit Godfrey on those mechanical horsey rides and would manually rock Godfrey for 10 minutes until Godfrey was happy ...and GungGung was tired. Then, we would walk to the park where Godfrey would inevitably have to leave a "steam warm stinky landmine" that would make all
of the dogs in the neighborhood blush. GungGung would always gently hold Godfrey in the squatting position and have toilet paper in his pocket to wipe him every afternoon. Then, after making us dinner, he would pat Godfrey's bottom until he was ready to sleep while singing his unforgettable lullaby: "Good boy Jie, Jie, Gao Gao Ju Ju la!" ( Good boy , go to sleep now)

If you think Godfrey was a handful, I cost poor Gung Gung more. One Saturday, my neighbour came over to play in the basement and left scissors on the floor. Carelessly, I stepped on the blade and cut my toe open. While I cried in shock, poor GungGung heard my panic and rushed to the basement.. but not before running into a shelf and smashing his face. Indeed, I caused GungGung to lose his first adult tooth!

I am certain as a parent, a grandparent and a great grandparent there
are many other stories of GungGung's sacrifice. In his life, there were moments of humanity where he cared for the little children under his care; he was in service of us and in service of love. We all know that in humility, we were once helpless children, and we will be helpless during our last breath. In that state, we can only hope that whatever spirit of love that exists in the universe would comfort us with the gentle
lullaby: "Good boy or good girl, go to sleep now." Despite all of our short comings, we can take comfort in the legacy of tender service rendered from generation to generation through our very own Fung Kwok Hay.

Life Stories 

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Cambwell Fung (2nd Son)

Entered November 5, 2022 from Markham Ontario

My father is a good role model in Christian faith.

Soon after he came to Montreal in 1980 he began attending church. Then a year later he was baptized as a born-again Christian.

In cleaning up his room recently some of his bible-study notes were found dated back 2012 when he was 90 years young. Please let me share 3 with you here.

1. Under Jeremiah 31:3 “my love for you is an eternal love: so with mercy I have made you come with me.”
He wrote: shed your heavy burden and build your life upon the love of God.

2. Under Lamentations 3:22,23: “It is through the Lord's love that we have not come to destruction, , because his mercies have no limit. They are new every morning; great is your good faith.”
He wrote: God is my blessing; therefore, I must look up to Him. Nothing can obstruct us from preaching the gospel words of eternal life. Jesus is opposed, rejected, detested and not trusted, only our heavenly father understands him.

3. Under Galatian 5:25: “If we are living by the Spirit, by the Spirit let us be guided.”
He wrote: Because New Testament time is time of salvation, when the curtain closes, Jesus will take away all the glories and fames from all living beings, no matter how famous, beautiful or powerful they are. Everyone shall be responsive to Him.

In May of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic just started, my sister Amy helped him to reconfirm his faith in Christ through writing:
a. Do you believe there is a God? He answered Yes.
b. Do you believe that Jesus is the son of God? He answered Yes.
c. Salvation is Jesus came to the world in the form of human, died on the cross in order to redeem the sin of the human race. Do you understand this? He answered Yes.
d. Are you willing to accept Jesus Christ as your savior? He answered Yes.
e. Do you believe that Jesus gives you eternal life? He answered Yes.
f. After you pass away, will you continue to live in heaven? He answered Yes.
Signed by him on 2020-5-18

Because of his steadfast faith and belief, it is 100% certain that my dad is now resting in paradise with eternal peace and joy, all prepared by God our creator for him and the human race.

Dear mom, brother, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, relatives, friends, my father would dearly love to invite you all to do the same as him, so one day we will all be there together eternally re-united with God our creator.



1980 年他移民來到蒙特利爾後不久,就開始參加教會活動。一年後,他受洗成為重生的基督徒。最近在打掃他的房間時,發現他在2012年90 歲時學習聖經時的一些個人筆記。請讓我在這裡與大家分享其中的三樣:
1. 根據耶利米書 31:3 “ 我 以 永 遠 的 愛 、 愛 你 、 因 此 我 以 慈 愛 、 吸 引 你。”
2. 在哀歌 3:22,23 下:“每 早 晨 這 都 是 新 的 . 你 的 誠 實 、 極 其 廣 大. 我 心 裡 說 、 耶 和 華 是 我 的 分 . 因 此 、 我 要 仰 望 他。”
3. 在加拉太書 5:25 下:“我 們若是靠聖靈得生 、 就當靠聖靈行事 。”
他寫道:因為新約時代是施行拯救的時代,當劇終幕時候,耶穌就會搶盡人類歷史上每一個活過的人的風頭, 不論他們多有名氣, 美貌及權勢,每一個人將來都要向耶稣作出回應。

當在2020 年 5 月COVID-19 疫病剛剛開始時,我姐姐Amy通過書寫問答方式幫助他再次確認對基督的信仰:
他於 2020-5-18 簽署


Derek Fung (Grandson)

Entered November 9, 2022 from Calgary

Good afternoon family and friends, for those who do not know me, I am
Derek Fung, grandson of Fung Kwok Hei. Thank you for being with us
today to celebrate the life of my grandfather.

Grandma I Will be speaking in English today.

I have been asked to share a little about my grandfather, our family’s
patriarch and a man that has devoted his life towards building our family.
As his descendants each one of us owes a great deal towards the
decisions that he has made, these are things we should remember and be
grateful for.

As I have recently a turned 40, which is really not much in the grand
scheme of things, it is just enough for me to gain new perspectives and
appreciation for the accomplishments of my grandpa.
At this age I do not have the stature to give lecture to many people in this
room but I am thankful for the opportunity to share some perspectives.
As old school as our parents may seem to us, we must remember that at
one point they were also trendy and cool. As our parents have undoubtedly
rolled their eyes at grandpa, we have undeniably rolled our eyes at our
parents. Today my daughter Riley has already learned this sass and I have
also become the victim of the eye roll.

Following this same logic, As old school as grandpa was, ultimately his
intent was to build the family and to ensure that it grows and remains
strong. To this I can say he was nothing short of successful.
While all of us have at this point in our lives experienced much success and
enjoy the fruits of our accomplishments, which is well deserved, we must
not forget that our family was built from humble beginnings largely by our
From fleeing the terrors of communism in 1949 and losing most of our
family wealth and status,

To claiming a property on a hill top in Hong Kong, which was constructed
from sheet metal without proper plumbing or electricity

To labouring tirelessly at a
To encouraging his children to seek new opportunities in Canada
These decisions have had lasting impacts on all our lives
Today our family is free to choose what we believe in, to learn what we
wish to learn, and to pursue our dreams.

In Canada grandpa continued to guide his family, I trust that few in this
room has escaped the palm reading and facial feature interpretations from

Grandpa valued many features
1. Full cheek bones
2. Lushish lips
3. Wide hips
4. Big nose, which is paramount
5. Big forehead,
6. Big eyes
7. Big… I digress

To grandpa and in Chinese culture these were the features of prosperity ,
heath and intelligence the traits he valued most
Now everyone take a look at your significant other, your children, your
grandchildren, and for my grandmother your great grandchildren
Everyone, this is grandpa’s brilliance in inception and family building at play
As we will all get a chance to visit grandpa’s burial plot later this afternoon, I
would also like to highlight how even grandpa’s choice in his final resting
place is also a testament to his devotion towards family building.
Thirty years ago as a young man of 70, grandpa selected this plot of land
because he found it to be auspicious for future generations, because the
Fung shui was good and as a result will help ensure that his descendants
will be healthy and prosperous

Now whether or not this is the case or whether palm and facial readings are
to be relied upon, I can not say, but this was his intent. While he was
preparing for his own passing he had his family, us, in mind. We all need to
remember this when we visit grandpa and our great grandmother alike.
There is an old Chinese saying, as a tree grows there will inevitably be
branches that dry and die off, as a family grows there will inevitably be
vagrants and vagabonds.

Under grandpa’s watch our family has suffered no such setbacks, in fact
grandpa has thirteen grandchildren, all of which are university graduates
and contributors to society. This is a feat that families of much stronger
backgrounds have failed to accomplish.

But now as his descendants, we the next generation must take lessons
from grandpa’s life work, his intent and determination. For the proverbial
torch has now been passed on to us. It is now our duty to follow grandpa’s
lead and work to ensure that our family’s grow and remains strong.

Thank you everyone


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