In memory of

Katherine Ann Gauthier

February 22, 1940 -  January 10, 2019

No obituary currently exists.


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Margie Struth Harrell (Sister)

Entered January 15, 2019 from Palm Springs, CA

My heart is broken, how do you say goodbye to a loved one like a one-in- a-million sister? Did I tell her enough that I loved her, I think I did but just in case..... I LOVE YOU SIS! Margie

Cindy Follett Gagliardi (Great Niece)

Entered January 17, 2019 from Bradford

Sending our love at this difficult time. Keeping you in our prayers. Aunt Kathy will be missed. She continues to be an inspiration. Her strength always amazed me. May she rest in peace. God Bless you!!
Love Cindy, Frank and the girls. Xo