In memory of

Kat Wah Eng 伍杰華

September 29, 1937 -  October 2, 2022

It is with great sadness that the family of Kat Wah Eng aka John Han Eng, announce his peaceful passing in his home on Sunday, October 2, 2022 at the age of 85. He will be lovingly remembered by his wife, Mona; children: David (Nancy) and Lisa (Jon); grandchildren: Ethan, Owen, Wyatt and Ryley; siblings; nephews; nieces; as well as many other relatives and friends.

He was a gentle, giving man who lived a simple life and worked tirelessly to ensure that his family had everything they needed. He faced every challenge in life with admirable strength and courage. He enjoyed spending time with his family and friends, camping in his camper, going fishing, watching the Toronto Maple Leafs, and always cracking jokes. Some referred him as the “cool Uncle”. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

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Barb Chiu-Foster (Niece)

Entered October 5, 2022

He was a wonderful uncle. My memories of Uncle John will live in my heart always ❤❤

Sue Kao (Niece)

Entered October 5, 2022 from Etobicoke

Uncle Johnny, you always thought of others before yourself and i will always remember when you gave me and my 3 siblings a ride around the block in your new red hot MG convertible, no seatbelts required! My favourite gift from you was my white fur coat and Mom gave it away when I had outgrown it, boy was I mad! I would always get my hug, though you 'pretended' you didn't like them :) You will always be the 'cool dude' uncle and for the love, kindness and generosity you shared.

Miss you, but are forever in our hearts for the smiles and laughter! Love Sue, Stephanie and Rachel Kao

Debra_mclellan (Friend)

Entered October 5, 2022 from 21 connaught ave Toronto Ontario M4L2V8

Dear friend
You will be missed. You were a great father and a dear friend

Kai Ma (Cousin)

Entered October 7, 2022 from USA - NY

My deepest condolences to the Eng Family.
John would be greatly missed by everyone.
He holds a special place in our heart with the Ma Family.

�� Lisa Eng �� (������Daughter ������)

Entered October 11, 2022 from Toronto, Ontario

- funny, love to joke around, big kid, very kind, loving, generous, friendly love to sing, listen to music he loved listening to Neil Young, Rod Stewart, Aero Smith, Jon Bon Jovi, meat loaf and all that type of music around that Genre, classical music, had a big record collection, was a great Artist, collected Archie comics, Vintage Trolls, Coins from around the world like I do, and some stamps, he loved Looking at nature, traveling, MotorHome magazines and was always interested in watching 007 the whole 22 year collection I believe it was that I we bought him, Shrek, the National Geographic channel & Action films & Kung foo, Disney movies & use to love watching the Simpsons & woody wood pecker he also loved Hockey his favourite team was Toronto maple leafs 🥅 🏒

My dad always wanted a daughter & he was the one who named me as well ❤️ I love all the sentimental moments we all shared with him and we will forever love him so much unconditionally

My dad was the best dad anyone could ask for I wished I’ve spent more time with him and not feel so guilty & so much anger within, he sacrificed so much for us let alone for me especially whenever I was in and out of the hospital so much because of multiple health problems throughout my entire life even though he worked a lot he always made the time to come see me wherever I was when I was younger & up to a few months & whenever I became ill, he would gift me little gifts here n there to take my mind off of feeling ill he made me feel really special and These gifts I still have and have put them in a cherished keepsake locked up place 🔒 he was my go to personal massage therapist as I was his too when I was a kid, I remember he always wanted me to do the karate chop method on his back 😂he would say harder your weak I don’t feel anything so I’d karate chop him more & I remember my dad saying I was falling apart that I was an old woman way beyond my time because of all the back and joint pains I always had often he’d say I’m old on the inside & young on the outside and we both laughed it off joking with each other, dad was always random with what came out of his mouth as most of you know he wasn’t filtered 😂 he didn’t intentionally mean to hurt you it was always out of a happy joker side of him as he always loved cracking up random jokes sometimes it wouldn’t even make sense and we’d still laugh just for the hell of it .. those times I will definitely miss and all his broken Christmas & lullaby lyrics that he sang so badly kinda sounded like he was drunk but he wasn’t I guess I take after that we can be both weird

Don’t read? 🤷🏻‍♀️
without booze in our systems I’m sure many people find us odd and weird but he didn’t care those who knew him knew he didn’t care what anyone thought of him he just always did his thing what made him happy.. he did it and whomever he shared that with. I’ve always thought of dad never passing away obviously no one thinks about these type of things would or could happen anytime soon but my advice is to cherish those moments you have with whomever it is as much as possible whenever you have the time if you don’t then force it n make that time, for all you know and never know when n what can n could happen, I wanted to accept my dad was ready to go as he kept on repeatedly saying but I couldn’t I wasn’t ready and I’m still not! The reality feeling hasn’t fully kicked in yet I’m still processing everything though I will fully feel the effect eventually as we all grieve differently.. I felt that my dad was my superhero he always came to my rescue from my worst to my best parts in my up & down crazy life … many those I have made deep mistakes in & have learned from them.. but always thought my dad could never go he fought through many health complications that he never spoke of as he was very private he never wanted anyone to worry about him as he always has concurred all of them with his strength, and though he is gone I haven’t forgotten all the times he’s taken only me &/or my kids more so Wyatt before I had Ryley out for fishing, camping, events and just about anything we wanted to explore together that he knew were hard for me n the kids to go do as he knew my high anxiety of traveling by ttc & going to far locations were difficult for me without a drive would be impossible for me without him doing it plus he wanted to spend the time with us so it was a huge bonus.. we didn’t drive or have a car so he helped us make those lovely memories by setting up these outings … I also remember he was the one who taught me how to ride a bike, dad also created a mini pet shop he had in our old apartment taught me how to love & care for them so now I have my own mini pet shop in my own home I’m pretty sure I got that from him 😂 and our funky taste in textures of textiles for home decor kinda like that big white hippie star wars van he had decked out for those who remember that cool neat van I always wanted to ride in, like common we had a cool dad who had interior purple & white & blue foe fur all around the entire walls of the inside of the van with Star Wars curtains covering the windows… such a cool stellar shaggy dad van I always wanted to show it off to my friends at school.. and everyone wanted to check it out & ride in it but not everyone was allowed to. I was always excited and wondered if he’d pick me up from school as I’d always wanted to ride in it.. especially front seat dad always knew I had shotgun for life no matter if someone was sitting in it he would tell them to move back to let me sit in it even throughout the times he switched cars I was always in front seat not only because I was daddies little girl I also had & still very sensitive motion sickness issue he would always crack the windows open for me every-time I hopped into the car he always had Everything accommodated for me to make me as comfortable as possible. Every time we sat in his car he’d sing broken lyrics from some song n he’d always say “Are we there yet? Donkey” from Shrek which btw was one of his favourite movies along side The jungle book, The whole 007 collection🍿and any type of quick & extreme action he loved watching & anything that’ll make him laugh 😂 I will also miss his dorky laughs especially whenever the leafs won or almost won you’d either hear him swear “God dam sun of a” &/or his famous grunt that he does AHH” to the squealing laughter that he does so cute 🥰 I loved hearing him laugh and dance around like a crazy jolly little big kid … another memory is whenever I’d ask him when his birthday came around how old are you dad he’d always reply back and say he’s 16 😂 then I’d ask him again another year even though I knew his actual age he’d say he’s 16 and I would reply but dad you said that last year 😂 he said he’s forever 16 😂 he never gets old.. wish this was true that he’ll never age .. a few more memories before I forget is I remember him taking me to the CNE just him & hi and every time in the past we wouldn’t win anything whenever we played a carnival game so we tried to attempt this on this visit and he succeeded how that short story went was we had planned prior to walk around and shop before playing the games but instead stupid me said hey let’s just try for fun to play and within less then 3 mins into the game at ring toss as we thought would be impossible his first 3/$2 rings he got it and we both dropped our jaws and screamed in the happiest dorkiest squeaky laughter jumping for joy but I also soon realized Shit I was going to be stuck with a giant Dalmatian Dog plushies that was 10 times bigger then me and my dad said here your carrying it I’m like WHAT and laughed as I didn’t take it seriously 😂 he’s like no you wanted it I win it you carry it and he was serious 😂 so I processed to carry it all it felt & looked like it was a giant floating dog with two little feet at the bottom n just barely carrying it by wrapping what I could around it with my little hands … since I was struggling so much dad said ok AH let’s go home now and he made me carry it all the way into the ttc bus which btw barely fit through the front doors of the bus or back and on to the train literally all the way home … :)
I’ll also miss sitting in his van growing up listening to all the music and singing with him in the car and whenever hearing these bands will always be triggering & touchy every time I’d hear it from now on he would listen to from Rod Stewart to Aerosmith to Neil Young, Jon Bon Jovi & all those around that era to classical … as well watching movies won’t ever be the same anymore especially when it comes to The Santa’s claus movies and land before time I remember whenever it came out all 1,2 & 3 of The Santa Claus movies & land before time came out he would just take me to go and it was such a great daddy and daughter day out every time we went I’ll never forget those days there’s so much more memories I could share but we’d be here overnight if it came down to that… dad and I just did a lot together more so when I was younger but when he retired he got to spend more time with me I even helped him out with the land scape of our backyard.. we drew together as we’re both artists.. all these moments I’ll miss but will cherish them all so deeply ..

Don’t read? 🤷🏻‍♀️

The last time Wyatt & Jon had seen dad was when they did his lawn last as they went on a bi weekly basis rather it be during summer or winter to help maintain his yard to help make life easier for him … as he wasn’t able to … was a few weeks ago and those times of him being there always would be a huge adjustment to remind ourselves he isn’t there in-person anymore but spiritually he will be. And on Sept 29th the kids and I called to wish him a Happy birthday was our very last time we heard his adorable voice and I wish I had that recorded another regret .. and no matter how many times people will tell me not to blame myself it’s going to be a lot more easier said then done… there’s a lot of (I wished) I just have to learn to deal with it and slowly somehow move on…

We also know he has a short patience so I guess let’s not keep him waiting.. bye for now dad hopefully we’ll see you soon wherever you are don’t forget to come visit us like I’ve mentioned numerous of times before you are always welcome 🤗 love you for eternity Xoxo 😘

Other memories
- Promising not to just eat the KFC skin off of the chicken then doing it anyways every time he said he won’t order it again for me again because I kept on wasting it but he ended up eating it anyways & he would still continue on another time to repeat this 😂 it was a repeated thing I did as a kid same with the cereals that had the prizes 😂

- Was going to visit dad a few weeks back but Ryley got sick and was sick for over 1 week so we didn’t take the chance it’s all bad timing we Dave n I kept planning to set something up to try to spend as much time together with dad and let our kids spend as much time with him but we can’t control when our kids get sick .. we even had this weekends thanksgiving set to meet but unfortunately this is where we are today .. 😢dad had so much more to live, many more years to go … I just wished it wasn’t this soon the Pandemic was a huge thing too that messed up with a lot of things…

- I use to always go with him to visit grandparents, aunts & uncles as he use to always go out of his way to buy there favourite foods and he’d deliver & feed them on a weekly basis sometimes he’d do multiple visits to check in on them within the one day .. I always came to give him support & help in anyway .. and it gave me much time to spend with him just the two of us…

- Wyatt will miss playing card games and video games with dad as almost every visit he would play with the kids .. as much as he could even if he didn’t I’m understanding how to play and his Lego character most of the time it was Batman running in circles 😂 or just jumping around as the kids characters were getting attacked and didn’t get much help from dad as he was lost on how to play even though the kids have thought him how to 😂

- dad bought a air hockey table and surprised us with it he wanted it more and was super excited to play it and he wanted to beat us at it, he’s like I’m a champion I will beat you and when he didn’t he’ll always respond back by saying AH you just got lucky 🍀 this time next time I will get you do t worry … and whenever he won he would jump up n down n do the silly dance just like if the leafs gets a goal 😂 along with his dorky laughter that I will always will miss.