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Julia Oi-Yee Lai 黎容靄儀

July 17, 1946 -  December 31, 2018

Julia Lai was born on July 17, 1946 in the Guangdong province of China. She was the only daughter amongst her 3 brothers. Living standards in China during Julia’s childhood were harsh and difficult. During her formative years of life and into her teens, she experienced widespread poverty and hunger. She mentioned that food was rationed and their family was often hungry. She received basic education (up to high school) and little public health. Education and healthcare was only for the wealthy.

To find a better life, she and her mother moved to Hong Kong in 1960. This was also where she met her love (Anthony) in 1969. A couple of short years after (1971), they embarked to a foreign land (Canada) to start fresh and find opportunity and ended up in Edmonton, Alberta. Here is where they married and operated a restaurant for over 10 years. Julia gave birth to Vincent in 1974 and Eva shortly after in 1976. After a number of years in Edmonton, the economy had dramatically declined and prompted the family to find other opportunities elsewhere. In 1986, the family relocated to Toronto where Julia worked a number of jobs including owning a restaurant, working in a cafeteria and doing various jobs at a dry cleaners until her retirement in 2011. Julia’s retirement mainly consisted of relaxing, caring for her daughter and taking a few well deserved trips.

In May 2017, her husband passed and a couple of months shortly thereafter, was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. At the time, the oncologist only gave her 6-8 months but she was a strong and determined mother who fought bravely through the adversity and lived for a total of 18 months after diagnosis. Julia passed away peacefully on December 31, 2018 in Toronto. She is survived by her 2 children and 2 granddaughters.

Julia was a kind, loving and humble mother and was loved by all those whose lives were touched by her. She is fondly remembered by her children, grandchildren, brothers, relatives and friends and will be dearly missed. She is now in the embrace of God and with his beloved Grace.


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Annie Leung (Executive Director of Cherish Integrated Services)

Entered January 7, 2019 from Markham

I knew Julia since 1998 when Eva, her daughter, was admitted at my organization for day program. We have close communication to each other all along. She is kind, considerate and well understanding. Whenever the organization carried out any fundraising activities, she is one of the members who quickly respond for the supports. Even currently during her acute illness conditions, she had tried all best to do something for the organization such as attending our annual gala or any handmade food items for our fundraising etc. She used to attend our parents meeting and AGM whenever we invited her to come. She is well known in our parents committee. We deeply miss her and would like to send all the blessings to her family particularly Eva.

Santha and Ivan and Annabelle (Friends)

Entered January 10, 2019 from Markham

So sorry for your loss, Vince! Also sorry for missing the funeral! We continue to pray for your family. Please take care of yourself through difficult time. Love and hugs to you all. See you when we get back.


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