In memory of

Jose Vieira "Joe & Vo" Defreitas

November 28, 1932 -  September 12, 2017

Jose Vieira De Freitas, was born in Flores, an island of the Western Group of the Azores to Etelvina & Jose De Freitas on November 28th, 1932. He often spoke of the beauty of his homeland which has an area of 143km2 and a small population of approximately 3907 inhabitants. He dreamt and told stories to his grandchild of someday wanting to return back to Portugal where he kept some of his most cherished memories of growing up with his beloved grandmother who helped raise him.

It was there that he met and married his beloved wife Maria Jose Moniz back in 1957. After giving birth to their two beautiful daughters Maria Odette (Betty Da Ponte, born in 1959 in Terceira) & Maria Jose (Mary Sonmor, born 1958 in Terceira) he decided to uproot his family and immigrate to Canada in 1963 to provide a better life for his children. After becoming a Canadian citizen and teaching himself to read, write and speak fluently in English, he obtained a very respectable position operating small equipment/vehicles for one of the largest public transit agencies within North America, the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission). It was there that he would later receive an honorary plaque for his 25+ years of service to the city of Toronto.

Jose Vieira De Freitas was an outstanding citizen to both Portugal and Canada. He honored his original country of Birth by participating in the Army as a young man, then in the country of his Death by being an active member of society in his services to the TTC for nearly 30 years.

Jose Vieira De Freitas is survived by his beloved wife Maria, his beautiful daughters Betty & Mary and their husbands Duarte & Chris, his grandchildren Jessica, James, Janine, Joey, Kenny & Kimberly and their spouses Kevin, Monica, Jacqueline & Vivian and his Great Granddaughters Alexis, Shae & Alana.

Pallbearers will be (James, Kevin, Duarte, Lee, Joey & Kenny)

“Make every moment a story worth telling to your grandchildren someday and make time for the things that really matter because time waits for no one and that’s what my grandfather taught me and now he’ll live forever, not in time but in my heart!

I will always love you Vovo!”

~ Jessie

"Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I'll miss you, until we meet again!"


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Susie & Joe Silva (sister and brother-in-law)

Entered September 13, 2017 from Oakville, Ontario

Rest in peace.

Helia & Carlos Resendes (Family/Friend)

Entered September 14, 2017 from Brampton

deepest thoughts and prayers to all in this time of need RIP senhor Jose

Trudy Kindel (Sister to Jose's Son In-law Chris)

Entered September 15, 2017 from Calgary, AB

Very sorry to hear of Mr DeFreitas' passing. I know the family is very close and dear to each other. iI is a difficult time, but also draws loved ones closer in their mutual grief and remembrance. I looked at the many photos the family chose to place here and enjoyed them all so much! So many smiles and times to recall... May he rest in peace.

Life Stories 

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Jessica Da Ponte (My Grandfather)

Entered September 14, 2017 from Mississauga

I still the remember the first time my Grandfather met my husband Kevin, he said to him, “Wow you’re tall, what do you do for a living?” Kevin responded, “I’m an Electrical Engineer” and instead of being impressed he said, “What a waste, with that height you should have been a cop!” Laugh out loud! Oh Vovo…I love you!

Jessica Da Ponte (Grandfather)

Entered September 14, 2017 from Mississauga

About 10 years ago my sister, Kevin and I decided to make some very drastic changes to our diets due to health concerns and I can remember telling my grandfather that we only eat organic meat and produce. I’m not sure how we got into the conversation about organic meat exactly but I said something like, yeah the beef that we pick up from the farm is organic and to that he responded, “HOW THE HELL DO THEY MAKE ORGANIC COW!” Lol….good question!


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