In memory of

Jean (Regina) Rodrigues

May 3, 1950 -  February 27, 2023

Jean (Regina) Rodrigues left this world Monday February 27, 2023 after a brave battle with rheumatoid arthritis.

She lived life to the fullest and wouldn’t let it stop her from travelling, anywhere sunny or to visit family in Guyana.

Jean was never the one in the spotlight yet was the strength, the energy for so many things. She meant so much to so many people as a sounding board, to add some humour, for advice and to cheer them up.

Jean was a wonderful storyteller and invested many hours and much love in her Facebook page Santa Rosa White Chapel on a Hill and on ancestry of her family and beyond.

She kept in touch with so many and was the hub of keeping family and friends from drifting apart.
Jean had a great sense of humour, her smile could light up a room.

Jean’s family meant to most to her and she was the best, most faithful and loving partner that ever existed.
Until we meet again ❤️


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Samantha King (Partner)

Entered March 3, 2023 from Guelph

To my best friend, travel partner and constant companion…I bet you never knew what a fuss this would be but you touched so many with your humour, your quick mind, great friendship but mostly love in so many ways large and small. So have patience with us while we gather and share such wonderful memories and know you will live on and on with us all. My love, I will carry you with me always. xoxo

Rosie Châles (Friend)

Entered March 3, 2023 from Georgetown, Ontario

It's in moments like these that words fall short, but I wish to say that my heart is breaking for Jean's lovely partner, her wonderful family and the many friends she has left behind. May Jean rest in peace and may her memory be a blessing.

Velvet Briand (Best Freind)

Entered March 3, 2023 from Toronto

Regina (Jean) Is my ground and never gave up on me. She was very strong-willed and take no crap from anyone. But she loves people she cares about unconditionally. But one thing I never forget besides her is her Laughing till she cries.

Sandy and Andie (Friend)

Entered March 3, 2023 from Toronto

Jean/Reg was a friend to us for decades. For Andie, a friend, confidant and fellow Guyanese - whether in person, on the phone or on text, the conversations and laughter were endless. For me, Jean and Sam are the reason I have Andie. Jean was always so open, so funny, so giving, so constant. There are words and phrases that will always have her voice attached to them “per se” and “babaganosh” never sounded so funny as when she said them. We are in shock that she is gone from our world. We will miss her, but remember her. Sam, we are a moment away, whatever you need.

Bruce Rodrigues (First cousins once removed)

Entered March 3, 2023 from Georgetown, Guyana

Sleep on Jean. I will always remember your bright smile along with your cool and calm disposition.


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