In memory of

Heather Denise "Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor" Hercules

October 29, 1969 -  August 27, 2023

Heather Hercules — born in the small, yet beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Canada, was a fiercely strong and independent woman. Heather made a name for herself by impacting many lives, whether it'd be with her bold and humorous personality, her 'spicy' cooking, her eloquence with words, or her expressive style — she always found a way to be unapologetically herself, and showed adequate pride in her abilities despite life’s challenges.

Heather leaves behind three sons, whom she often referred to as her "Three Kings". Their names, Jaden, Jovante, and Jamal. Heather also leaves behind her father (Lincoln) and sister (Ruth), and many other family members and close friends and co-workers who can attest to Heather's strengths and unique presence as a person.

Heather was honest, daring, and shared a passion for her Caribbean culture, but also a deep love and understanding for the people she cared about. Heather often extended her support for family members or neighbour’s in need, often neglecting her own spirit and physical health for the assistance of others. Heather was a treasured woman with so much more life to give, but was taken too soon, too quickly, by her health.

Today, we honour the short, but incredible life of Heather Hercules and the legacy she leaves behind.


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Allyson Mcpherson 

Entered August 30, 2023 from Brampton

She was loved and will be missed by all of us.

Stanis Gray (Cousin)

Entered August 30, 2023 from London, England, United Kingdom

Rest in peace cousin from Stanis and Dominic from the UK

Andrea Mohess (My best longest and dearest friend.)

Entered August 31, 2023 from Brampton

I've known you since I was 9yrs old. I will love you forever and I will speak your name often.
See you later my friend.

Nicholas Francois (Cousin)

Entered September 1, 2023 from St. Croix United States Virgin Islands

Rest in Peace Cuz you will never be forgotten.

Shernell Hercules (Cousin)

Entered September 3, 2023 from Brampton Ontario

Forever in our hearts 💕 sleep until we meet again. 💙


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