In memory of

Frank (Aristofanis) Piperias

March 3, 1936 -  September 4, 2023

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Frank (Aristofanis) Piperias at the age of 87 on Monday, September 4, 2023.

Frank was born in Yiannina on March 3 1936. He always fondly reminisced about his life in the village. He immigrated to Toronto in his late teens with his father to start a new life in Canada. Frank also spent several years in Bermuda, but returned to Greece to find a bride. It was his good fortune that Frank met Paraskevoula (Vivian) and after 3 weeks of courting, they were married.

Frank was a barber and he took great pride in giving the perfect shave and haircut. He was also our resident opera singer who entertained us with his hearty baritone at many family functions. He was the heart of this large family that he cherished deeply and who cherished him in return.

Frank will always be remembered for his hearty laugh, easy going nature, and his warm disposition.

He is survived by his wife, Vivian, his daughters, Demetria and Laurie, his 4 grandchildren, Theo, Lucas, Ethan, and Julia, and his five sisters, Jane, Rita, Ellie, Lea, and Frosa. Frank is predeceased by his eldest daughter, Cindy.

Frank will be greatly missed and fondly remembered.


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Youla and Eleftheria (Uncle)

Entered September 7, 2023 from Crete, Greece

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved Uncle Frank. A devoted family and extended family man, true gentleman, and for us, a sweet and caring uncle, Theo Frank had many entertaining talents that enriched the lives of all who knew and loved him. Whether he was nostalgically narrating a story about his childhood in Greece, merrily leading a singalong with his sisters, or gracefully dancing the tango at a family celebration, Theo Frank did it all with great gusto!

Family gatherings, especially, were a source of joy for Theo and his guests. He loved sitting at a dinner table decorated with delicious, traditional dishes, discussing the latest world news and eagerly trying to find solutions to the pressing problems of the planet, only taking breaks for a bite to eat and to graciously compliment the cook. Dessert was accompanied by story time, and even though many of Theo's stories about war and poverty were sad, he always managed to find a life lesson in them, or at the least, threads of a silver lining.

Theo had the knack of connecting his kin to their Greek roots and to each other. He loved his homeland: the unbelievable beauty, rich culture and vast history of Greece, and he exuberantly shared his thoughts and feelings about these attributes, thus keeping his country of birth emotionally close to his heart, despite physically living so far away.

For these and so many other reasons, Theo Frank will be sorely missed and never forgotten, as our happy times with him will live on in our memories forever. We love you Theo. Rest in peace.

With love,

Youla and Eleftheria


Entered September 7, 2023 from ATHENS

You meet Φάνης and you can never forget his open and courageous spirit with the permanent smile on his face. We'll meet again θείε μου. Go now and find Cindy and together wait patiently for the rest of us. I will remember you my way.

Dan Roberts (Family friend)

Entered January 2, 2024

Dear Frank,
Thanks for all the great laughs and times we had, blessing me with such a great friend that I had with Cindy.
I'll never forget when you had me look at your car wheel hour and half later I learned it was " loose" cause I couldn't figure out what "it slews!" meant. To this day when something is "loose" it's always "slews" to me now lol. Two guys with two different strong accents trying to figure what the other was saying!!! After we decended to the rec room, we played pool and had a few beers at which point you gave me a lesson on Alexander the Great. You always made me laugh and felt welcome and I love ya buddy.
Peace and love to your family!


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