In memory of

Frank Edward Strickland

July 28, 1920 -  February 9, 2019

Passed away peacefully on February 8, 2019 at Niagara Health St. Catherines Hospital at the age of 98. Beloved husband of Brenda. Pre-deceased by his first wife Olive Tye. Cherished father of Ken (Darlene), Peter and Wendy; step-father of Allan, Robert and Timothy. Dearly missed by his many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Family and friends will be received at Pine Hills Cemetery and Funeral Centre (625 Birchmount Rd., north of St. Clair Ave. E., Scarborough, 416-267-8229) on Saturday, February 16, 2019 from 11am - 12 pm. Funeral Service will be held at 12 pm. Interment to follow.

Absent from the body, present with the Lord.  


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Lori Hennigar (Friend of Wendy and Peter)

Entered February 12, 2019 from Scarborough

So very sorry Wendy and Peter.

Gail & Donald Kenney 

Entered February 12, 2019 from N. Ft. Myers, FL

Our condolences to all the Strickland family during this time. Love to you all.

Michael Hayes (Friend)

Entered February 12, 2019 from THOROLD

My sincere condolences to Brenda and all the rest of the extended Strickland family.
I did not know him for very long, but I found Frank to be a most interesting fellow.

Brian Robertson (Friend)

Entered February 12, 2019 from Etobicoke

I know he will be missed and that God has a plan and he is now in glory with his Lord. I am thankful I had good conversations with him. Brenda you are in my prayers as well as his family. Thank you.

Don & Helen Joel (Nephew)

Entered February 12, 2019 from ThunderBay, Ontario

Uncle Frank;
You have been a wonderful uncle to me. Will see you again on the flip side!!!...all our love til then...

Life Stories 

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Erin Strickland (Granddaughter)

Entered February 12, 2019

I have so many memories of my Grandpa Strickland. The earliest I can remember would be back in the day, when my family lived in Beaverton . We lived there when I was between the ages of 3-6. Grandpa owned the Stedman's, the general store, in town and my parents helped to manage it. During that time I would always be in the store trying to “help out”. Sometimes I would be bagging things at the cash, I believe one time I even received a .25 cent tip, other times I would help out with the greeting cards, making sure they were all in their correct spots. Now I know what some of you may be thinking...child labour...but grandpa always paid us for our “help”. He would let us choose items from the store as our payment. I remember one time choosing the Chipmunks Christmas Cassette tape, which I’m sure my parents loved. I would always ask to play it in the car...that Christmas I received a walkman from Grandpa and Grandma Brenda...perhaps with some nudging from my parents so they didn’t have to hear that Chipmunk tape anymore. Grandpa also gave me my first New Kids on the Block Cassette tape that Christmas which, I think, Jamie was also glad I had the walkman as well so he didn’t have to hear that! Christmas at Grandpa’s when we were kids always fell on Christmas Eve. The family would bring in Chinese food, YUM, and we would eat, spend time together and open gifts. It was always a fun time! Jamie, Mark (my cousin), and I would spend much of our time together. We loved going through grandpa’s toy bin which consisted of cool original Star Wars toys, a Donald Duck puppet and a horse puppet that had a pull string when you would pull it the horse would say “I’m a horse of course naaaaay” - That one was our favourite. They also had an electric organ in the basement that had cool different coloured keys...or at least in my memory it did! Ha ha. I loved to “play” it - probably to Grandpa and Brenda’s dismay because I actually had/have no idea how to play the organ. I also can’t talk about going to Grandpa and Brenda’s without mentioning that they always had a stocked fridge of all different kinds of pop and juice. I was always able to pick up a nice cold orange pop with a straw. Now I don’t want to downplay my parents, but, they never had straws at home OR orange pop so this was such a treat.

I saw two of my favourite movies in the theatres with Grandpa, Home Alone- a Christmas classic and The Lion King (only one of the best Disney movies EVER). Going back to that Home Alone adventure, that was a fun night. Grandpa and Brenda took Jamie and I shopping at the mall to get new outfits for church, I chose a purple dress (my favourite colour) with black polka dots. It was my favourite dress until I outgrew it. Then we went to Swiss Chalet for the Festive Special...back when it came with a Toblerone Bar (the best). Once we were done at dinner we went to the theatre...only we were a bit late and it almost felt like that scene in the movie when the family is running for their flight. We did make it in time but the theatre was so full we had to sit near the front and split up, Jamie with Grandpa and me with Brenda. None of that matter because the movie was great and we got to spend such a fun time with our grandparents.

Grandpa always had funny stories to tell - some he would make up like the tales of “Woofer the Dog” or the story he made up while driving through the car wash. Others would be funny stories about my dad - which were a plenty- others were real life stories from his amazing life. Grandpa always made me laugh and I thought he was such a cool grandpa! Is humour genetic? Because I like to think I got some of Grandpa’s humour. He once told me I reminded him of himself, which I took as a huge compliment. Although as the Strickland cousins got older and the family started expanding we saw each other all together less and less. The times we do get together is always a great time and I always leave with a big smile on my face and thinking I am so blessed that God gave me such an awesome family. I am glad both my boys, Benjamin and Jeremiah, got to meet Grandpa and that Jeremiah even shares the same birthday as him - although separated by 96 years! Benjamin recalls going to visit Great Grandpa and him and Grandma Brenda had some new toys for him and Jeremiah to play with and when we took some cars out if the package Grandpas dog Dexter jumped up and ate one! Ha Ha. Ben also remembers that his Great Grandpa likes to drink chocolate milk just like Ben does.

I will miss Grandpa very much but I can take joy in knowing he is in Heaven rejoicing with the Lord and one day I will see him again. Love you Grandpa


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