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Fernando Dos Reis Nogueira da Silva

May 14, 1934 -  January 6, 2022

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John and Lyn Da Silva (Father and Father in law)

Entered January 12, 2022 from Mississauga Ont

I dreamt of you on the 9th. You may come to my dreams whenever you like. Rest peacefully Father. Lyn

vera da silva (Daughter)

Entered January 12, 2022 from DOWNSVIEW

To my Pai, I will never forget you,,,,when I look up towards the stars, I will see the brightest twinkle and I will know, that it is you looking down at me! I will carry your love, and memories in my heart forever,,,no matter what, I will love you forever,,,you were and always will be my Pai. I loved you always and forever will miss you, but know that you will also always be by my you my Pai....

Forever, your loving daughter, Vera Isabelle Alves Nogueira dos Reis da Silva (Nina)

Maxim P. Weithers (Step Son)

Entered January 12, 2022 from Cartagena, Colombia

Our Dearest Fernando,

We are all so very sorry to see you go. From the day we met, you were always such a big support to my mom and I. You bought my first squash racquet [Dunlop] and my last [Dunlop]. You drove me back and forth to endless tournaments. Taught me about what vitamins to order when I had my first pro shop. Explained nutrition and the training you did in the Portuguese Army, and so much more. And I thank you that you shared such great moments with my son and I all over the world. Showed us your home in Lisbon, London in 2016, Cartagena for his birth and Christening and our last visit to see you almost 2 years ago was so beautiful.

I am so grateful to have had such and outstanding role model like you in my life.
Thank you for everything you have done to be a part of my journey and may you rest in eternal peace, love and joy.

From us all,

Maxim, Marcus, Milena.

Marco Milanese (SON IN LAW)

Entered January 12, 2022 from North York

To my father-in-law, you were a proud man of your children and grandchildren. It was an honor to have known you and I will forever remember your kind face and laughter. You had an amazing personality and sense of humor, I will forever be grateful to be part of your family. Thank you for your daughter who is much like you, you are never far from our hearts.. may you rest in peace, with much love...

Mia Nina Milanese (Granddaughter)

Entered January 12, 2022 from North York

I will miss you grandpa, I will miss our talks and the love you had for me and all your grandchildren. You were a funny man and never judged anyone. You loved unconditionally and always were so helpful and caring. We will miss you a whole lot, you were a very kind person to so many and helped many, this I will never forget. Your memory lives on always,,,,be blessed and may you rest in peace,,,,love you grandpa!!!!!

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vera da silva (Daughter)

Entered January 12, 2022 from DOWNSVIEW

My father loved unconditionally and tried to help everyone as much as he could. My father also loved life and lived well; he enjoyed organic food and was very health conscious. My father was never one to judge, rather, he was one to overlook contention, for the greater good. My father told me often to always carry on with calness, patience and understanding for others. We are not here to judge, but enjoy our time to the best of our abilities.
My father was not an overly emotional person, often having difficulty expressing inner feelings. But I knew he loved his kids/family to a great extent. My mother often says to me, that the reason I am here is because of my dad, as he wanted a girl,,,,therefore kept trying. Thank you dad! I often remember his very charasmatic ways, he charming smile and calm lookaways, to mean, that he always was ok with what I said. My father was a person, who accepted people face value and he was trusting of others.
My father and I had a very special connection, "clothes", we both loved clothes,,,I think he and I could have opened up a department store. We loved the freedom that shopping provided and just loved options, this I will never forget. I remember, my father bringing me outfits and how we bonded over these moments. My father was not an overly expressive person, but we all know, that the love he had for us, was deep and everlasting.
My father will always be remembered for how he cared about people, whether they were co-workers, clients, strangers, neighbours, professionals and friends. My father would often say, to let things go, not to ponder on what cannot be changed, but to have the fortitude to grow from our mistakes. My father was pivotal in my life, in that he often empowered me, to follow my dreams and do what makes me happy. My father encouraged us to always think before leaping and that he was always my father, no matter what and would always help me, no matter what!
My father was also a loving grandfather, who loved his grandchildren dearly. My father often stated, that he loved his children and grandchildren very much. My father will always be remembered in my heart as my protector, someone I turned to for guidance and comfort. My father was a fair person, attributing positive qualities to all; he will always be remembered for this. My father was also a generous man and where ever he went, people admired and loved him. My father was quite the historian, as he would often discuss Portuguese history with enthusiasm and honor. He was very proud of his Portuguese heritage. My father had one brother and parents who lived in Australia, he often wrote to his family and kept in touch, with friends over seas. My father was a social person, developing strong bonds and love for those he cared about.
I know that my life will be changed forever, my father was my protector, he gave me a sense of safety and security. I know that I will no longer be able to see my father, but I will always remember the love we shared. I will forever cherish his memory and let it live on. Pai, every time I think of you, my heart still fills with pride, though I will always miss you. I know, Pai, that you're by my side, in laughter and in sorrow, in sunshine and in rain, I know you're watching over me, until we meet again. I love you forever Pai, thank you for giving me life, wonder, joy and happiness, for this I am grateful,,,,until we meet again,,,,love you Pai.


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