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Eligio Uy

April 23, 1945 -  October 24, 2019

Eligio Uy was born on April 23, 1945 in Manila, Philippines. He was the fourth child and second son of Florencia and Mun Uy's 11 children. He was born less than 2 months after World War 2 ended. Because people were shouting “Victory” in the streets everywhere, his parents name him in Chinese “Kok Seng”, meaning the nation’s victory. His Chinese last name is Seto.

Eligio completed his education in Philippines finishing with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Araneta University. In his youth, Eligio and his elder brother Antonio were famously known as “the Seto Brothers duo” Antonio was the talented singer and Eligio was the talented painter. Eligio would paint the back drop scenery for the theatre productions in which Antonio sang. He also did free style paintings of sceneries and portraits of people.

In 1970, Eligio emigrated to Canada. Eligio adapted well to the job market in Canada. He was a diversified skilled worker having jobs in different industries. He last job was a senior carpenter at Knoll Industries. In 1978, he met So Bee Lee. Within a month of their meeting, they were engaged and married shortly. They have 4 children: Yohan, Lucas, Mathias and Sharon.

Eligio is survived by his wife, his children, and his siblings, Conchita, Melita, Robert, Grace and Judy. On Oct 24, 2019, he died in peace surrounded by them all as they sang, prayed and sent him off to Christ in heaven.


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Tom & Earla Felts (parents of Matthias' friend, Ben Felts)

Entered October 28, 2019 from Kingston, ON

Our condolences to you and your family, Matthias. May God be your comfort in the loss of your father, husband, brother and uncle. We are sad to hear this news, but rejoice that you have the confidence that he is resting in peace now, with his Saviour in heaven. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


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