In memory of

Doug Underwood

February 28, 1953 -  July 24, 2020

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Rosemarie Salvatore (Friend ,)

Entered August 2, 2020 from King City, Ontario

This is a struggle for all those of us who knew Doug.
There are no few words that can appropriately eulogize him..

For those who knew him, spent time with him, how is this happening? how did he fight the good fight, do all the right things and then so suddenly be gone?

How did we not get to tell him how much we admired him, respected him, loved him, tell him how much joy he had brought to us all?. How he equates with less than a handful of our non-family members who mattered and left an everlasting impact on our lives that we will all carry forward until we to are gone. With his ever confident swagger, his attention to our point of view, his impeccable dress and his impossibly infectious joy for the day that was?....and we are not even family!. That both my daughters, who have know Doug for over 15 years, grieved as we did is a tribute to how his character passed through the generations and filled a void of endless joy and possibilities as no one else could.

Or his beautiful "Lynda". Devoted. Always telling him not to have "that dessert" when we knew he could never resist - but in recognition of his respect of Lynda chose to "Share" dessert with Bernadette rather than have his own.

So much bigger than life. So present and caring. So kind. So full of joy. So loyal, so compassionate. (may have loved the Rathlin dogs (Rocky, Daisy and Ceaser) more than the Rathlin girls!!)

So devoted to his family. So very well bred, as evident in his dealings with other humans. So respectful of all the lovely Rathlin girls that he associated with and who are deeply saddened by this loss. Our guy. He had our backs always. A true gentleman. A tribute to his mom and dad that is evident with all his siblings.

Our Doug! what a great human being. What a loss for this troubled world.

My heart is sore for my, Bernadette's, Renée's, Cara's, Donny, Paul, Riya, Donya's etc....profound and sudden loss, but more so more Lynda, AJ, Kerri-Lee and Doug's siblings.

The world is weeping, we need more Doug's in our lives.

xooxox forever in our memories, Bernadette, Rose and family...

Italo Brutto (Former neighbor and friend)

Entered August 5, 2020 from Aurora

I couldn't believe it when l heard the terrible news of Doug's passing. Ad immediate neighbors we shared so many memories during his time on Spence Drive. I remember Doug as always being on the move, never standing still for very long. Such a wonderful person, who would always go out of his way to help you. My sincerest condolences to Linda and the kids Carrie Lee and AJ for the loss of a husband and father. He will be certainly missed but never forgotten.
Italo Franca Adam Matthew and Lucas Brutto

Carol Leggat (Friend)

Entered August 8, 2020 from Oshawa

I wish to offer my sincere condolences to Doug's family. I have known Doug for over 20 years working in the insurance industry. Whenever he would call me or I called him he always put a smile on my face. The world will not be the same without his smiling face and laugh. You will be truly missed.

Michael Knox (Friend)

Entered August 28, 2020 from Bradford

Sandy and I are shocked to just learn of Doug’s passing. We had so much fun coaching the boys together for many years in hockey and baseball. Your long time dedication to the development of Aurora sports youth was huge. We send our sincere condolences to Linda, AJ, Kerrie-Lee and family.


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