In memory of

Diomidis Karahodjitis (Don Karrys)

December 3, 2018

Interment to take place on Tuesday, Dec.11 at York Cemetery.


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Alice Karrys (Wife)

Entered December 8, 2018 from Toronto

I will always remember your kindness, your terrific smile and right to the end you "would rather die standing then live on your knees ". You were always there for us. Now it's time that we are here for you.
Love you always.

Demetre Rentzos (Friend and Koumparo)

Entered December 10, 2018 from Concord

I will never forget you and the good times we had together and to thank you for been there when I need it you the most

Alex Kandiotis (Nephew)

Entered December 12, 2018

I always hoped we would have one more deep conversation. This was too soon! I want to thank you for the many memories and experiences that are a part of my foundation. Thank you for pushing out of my comfort zone when no one else would. I will always remember the the time you spent you spent with us and the adventures you took us on. They always consisted of you on the BBQ. A late night ice cream run to Becker's which always included spumone. Watching a late night movie which always opened my eyes to something new followed by a late night swim. Followed by motown lessons in the living room with volume cranked. Loved the countless hours a crazy monopoly tournaments. Loved the wrestling matches you set up between the cousins. Loved the crazy nicknames you had for everyone of us. Loved seeing you pull a backflip with more grace than anyone else could have. Loved watching you throw Thea Alice into the pool countless times. I miss seeing going for a drive with my Dad. I will always miss you and you will always be the coolest!


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