In memory of

司徒黃彩雲 Choi Wan Seeto

April 4, 1936 -  March 24, 2020

Our mother, Choi Wan Wong, was born on April 4, 1936. She married our father, Yau Seeto, in mainland China in February 1955. They moved to Hong Kong in 1956 and raised three children, Forrest, Annie and Lisa. While in Hong Kong, she looked after the family and at the same time helping our father to make shoes and ran a shoe store.

In 1975, our family moved to Canada to reunite with our aunt, Yu Lau Kwan, and her family in Sudbury. In 1983, our mother and father accepted Christ as their savior and were baptised by Reverend Ma in North Bay. Our mother was a devoted Christian. She loved reading the Bible, receiving newcomers, visiting and caring for church members. She lived in harmony with her pastors, elders and brothers and sisters in Christ. She particularly took care of the external speakers, missionaries and short term mission groups in every possible way. She worshipped the Lord on every Sunday from the day she believed in Christ and was never absent, until her infirmity at the end of her life.

1977年開始,她在Laurentian 大學的一間校舍做清潔的工作,一做就是16年,她工作認真,盡心盡力,時常得到上司的讚賞。母親勤力工作,除了星期天的工作外,也在週末到餐館洗盤碗。
At the beginning of 1977, she worked at a school resident as a cleaner at Laurentian University for 16 years. She was responsible and hard working and frequently praised by her superiors. She never stopped working, besides working full time in week days, she also worked in a restaurant doing dish washing in weekend.

In April 2003, our mother and father moved to Toronto to take care of their grandchildren. In 2006, they moved to a condo. In our mother final year, she was infirmed and had to use a wheelchair to go around. On March 24, 2020, after lunch at the nursing home, she returned to the Father's arms in a nap and rested peacefully with the Lord.

Our mother loved the Lord, people, family, her husband, children and grandchildren. She was a great wife and mother.

Dearest mother, we will always miss you.

兒子瑞麟, 女兒桂妹、桂英 撰寫
Written by son Forrest, daughter Annie & Lisa


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