In memory of

Ching Kuei Chen

August 21, 1925 -  September 8, 2023

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Jack Chen (son)

Entered September 13, 2023 from Chicago, IL

To see you happy again brings a gentle smile and tears to my face. Your love for our family and your community is truly admirable and is something we all hope to replicate. I miss you and we will meet again. Love forever,


Nicholas Chen (Grandson)

Entered September 13, 2023 from Chicago

Dear Grandma,

Thank you for everything you have done to give your children and grandchildren a better life. I owe half of everything I am to my dad and, in turn, to you. I am immensely proud of the hardworking, resilient, and kind family that you made and hope I can also live a long life surrounded by children who care for me when I need it and watch Blue Jays games together when I don't.

We will remember you.

Nicholas Chen


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