In memory of

Ching Han Yu

March 29, 1925 -  May 19, 2019

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William Chan (Cousin)

Entered May 23, 2019 from Calgary

Mrs. Yu was a cousin to my mother. They enjoyed each other's company and were good friends as well. We miss them both.

Pearl Tam (cousin)

Entered May 25, 2019 from Richmond Hill, Ontario

"Twelfth Aunt" was my mom's cousin and best friend. They enjoyed spending time together, and it was a big treat when Twelfth Aunt spent the night at my mom's condo. When my mom fell and broke her hip, Twelfth Aunt called me every night to find out how mom was doing. She wanted to find out every detail, and you could tell that she was very concerned. It was very touching to know that she cared so much. She visited mom wherever she was - at the rehab hospital, and later, in the nursing home, kindness of Cynthia and Irene, who drove her from Brampton to Scarborough. Now they will be best friends for eternity. May they rest in peace.

Steve & Rosaline YU (Nephew)

Entered May 29, 2019 from Markham

You will be greatly missed !