In memory of

Carlota Valente

January 7, 1932 -  May 16, 2017

No obituary currently exists.


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Ashley Almeida (Grand Daughter)

Entered May 18, 2017

I will always keep you in my Heart, forever and always !!!

Inacia de Comarmond (Niece)

Entered May 19, 2017 from UK

You will always have a very special place in my heart. I can hear your voice and your cheeky laugh. Love you my Tia Inez.

Victoria Almeida (Daughter)

Entered May 19, 2017 from Peterborough

My love for you mommy will never go always said I would always be your baby no matter how old I was and I tell my kids the are the strongest woman I know...when I think of you ,I think of your beautiful green eyes heart is in a million pieces and I don't know where to start to mend very fortunate to have spent the time with you these last couple were a huge part of me glad I was able to still make you smile with my silliness in your last days...i would tell Anna look at mom so she cud see the expression on mommy's at peace mommy cause you deserve it...know that we will be ok and never forget there with daddy and tell him how much I miss him too and with your loving mom...till one day we are together...please guide me and watch over me and the family...always in my heart your little girl Victoria <3


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