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Carl Mahilum

November 24, 1932 -  September 10, 2018

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Cosentino Family (Daughter)

Entered September 13, 2018 from Brampton

Ohhh LOLO....
You DID It DAD! Fought the fight for 4 years.. battling Alzheimers.
You are FREE of pain and back to dancing up a storm... laughing, eating and telling jokes!
Thank you for being the Greatest Man!- provider for his wife, family of 6 children, Greatest Dad and Best friend to your wife Nita.
Throughout your life LOLO you have come across many hardships, with 1$ American dollar.... in your wallet, to 2 degrees of Education in Engineering, to smuggling relatives across the border, to living a life overseas for many years in Saudi Arabia, to helping many many people in Brampton get accustomed to the "Canadian Way of life"
Providing them with many fortunate life opportunities!

Lastly to sharing your love for all those that LOVED you back!

What a man!
Be free Lolo, Be dancing Dad and BE LAUGHING!
OUR Lolo!
We love you with ALL our hearts and souls!
Love you LOLO!
Carol, Toe, Kai and Cole Cosentino

Erwin B Mahilum (5th Son)

Entered September 14, 2018 from Toronto ON

My Dearest Father passed away on Mon,Sep10/18 due to complications. Loving Husband to my Mother Elenita B Mahilum for 58yrs of marriage (July2/1960).
Born Nov 24/1932 in Sagay, Negros Occidental Philippines. Beloved Father of 6 children (Edgar,Al,Eddie,Ike,me-Erwin & only daughter Caroline.
Came to Canada with $1 USD in his pocket (true story-given by his brother). Started a new life, new country, immigrated his 5 boys ages 5,4,3,2 & urs truly at 9mths old (All together on one flight). Arrived in Fort Nelson via Vancouver in Apr/1967. Caroline was born in Mississauga General in Mr & Mrs. Carl Mahilum the "Bonso" little princess they aspired to have after trying the 5 times.
The youngest boy (urs truly) served & gave back to Canada 26yrs of military service for accepting my Dad all those years ago. Collectively, Dad applied to 'the Red, White & Blue' as his first choice and then Canada as his second. Turned out that the 'True North Strong & Free' came calling after urs truly was born, thereby claiming the title of "The Lucky Baby".
Thanks to Canada, the Mahilum Family quickly adapted to the culture & identity of its new country as the '5 Boyz' all played Hockey in the winter & Baseball in the summer with Eddie & Al shining bright in both sports respectfully. To this day, I don't know HOW Dad was a able to drive all 5 boys to the practises & games on any given Sat & Sun..but somehow we all made it to our respective areas thru the efforts of Dad.
So many fond memories of those early mornings with my Brothers getting ready for our annual road trips on those wintery weekends so long ago.
Thanks Canada & THANK-YOU Dad for your selfless hard work, all those sacrifices to our family, your endless dedication to us kids and your never ending love & devotion to Mom for almost 6 decades.
Since you've been gone Dad, our hearts bleed with an emptiness that no words can explain, a testament of just how important you were to us.
"Uncle, Tito, Lolo & Dad"..
We Love You & Miss You So Much!
Sadly Missed by his Loving Family, Relatives & Friends :'-(

Elaine Lee (Care Provider)

Entered September 14, 2018 from Brampton

Mr Carl, you will be missed.
It was a pleasure serving Mr Carl .
He was such an outstanding man . He was down to earth, yet, a man of " Class". He was a well spoken man ,with profound words, that led me to my dictionary at times. Now he is gone and i am left with memories of how use to love to dance and sing ,which i would often entertained .Mr Carl I miss coming to lend a helping hand in your care . Now you are gone, but wiĺll never be forgotten.


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