In memory of

Beatrice Meisner

October 25, 1921 -  November 29, 2019

“Mama” Bea left us peacefully in hospital, with her dear family close-by.
In her own determined style, she confounded the Doctors again, who were forever diagnosing health issues that she didn’t have; by waking up from a deep sleep to say a final goodbye to her loved ones.

Mom grew up with her family in Fredericton, New Brunswick; the youngest of five children: 2 sisters, Mae and Grace; and 2 brothers, Donnie and Hazen. At 25 years, she married Dave, whose large family of eight siblings originated from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
Together, the “Easterners” would trek to Toronto, Ontario, where they planned to make a good life for themselves and their new baby girl. With their positive attitude and determination, they would remain in this area for the rest of their colourful lives while adding 2 sons to their happy home. They were accustomed to ‘making their own honest fun’ which helped them survive the lean years, while accepting fellow Maritimers into their home to help and support them on their way. The family home was a long building project for Dave and Bea that would require much patience in the process, taking years to complete.
The family moved to Peterborough for a short time, and almost to Cleveland, U.S.A., but they always came back to the family home; which pleased the entire family, if not Dave.
The Meisners would make annual Summer visits to their roots in Eastern Canada, which made for some happy times and vibrant memories. There would always be plenty of family to spend time with, usually enjoying card games, lobster feasts, and a lot of laughter. When closer to home, they would gather up the camping gear, and head out for a more local adventure, travelling as far away as Algonquin Park.
As seniors, the Canadian ‘SnowBirds’ also enjoyed Winter months in their Florida get away home. On these long road trips Bea would sing her own Creative and her favourite Country music songs, reliving them vigorously and regularly in her senior years.

Beatrice was the glorious glue that held the family together…mending, fixing, cooking, planning; as well as staying on the tight budget that Dave provided. She also contributed to the family coffers, working in the retail market and providing supportive care for the elderly. But she loved life, and enjoyed every minute of it, whether picking strawberries on a fine Summer’s day, window shopping in her favourite Mall, or going for a good long drive in the country. She was no stranger to navigation…her seat in any vehicle was always the front passenger: from her early travels to the coast, to her latter trips closer to home. And she never failed to steer you in the right direction and at the proper speed.
Unless, of course, she chose to drive herself (until she turned 91!)
Bea is pre-deceased by her husband Dave… parents Sarah and Robert, all four Siblings; and many loving close friends. She leaves behind devoted children Linda (Rick), Peter (Susan) and Jeff; grandchildren Morgan, John, and Matthew as well as great-grandchildren, many nieces and nephews, and a whole host of new friends found in her senior years.
Please say a little Prayer for Bea… She would like that, having been active in the Church for many years.
And donate generously to the local branch of the Alzheimer’s Society. Mom had this disease for almost 10 years and never lost her zest for life during this difficult period. Many who suffer, lose much more.

A "Celebration of Life" will be held
for Beatrice on January 5th, 2020 .
We will enjoy a complimentary Luncheon from 11am to 2pm at the
Buttery in Newmarket; casual dress.
RSVP Peter at 905 235-6263. Please join the family over a Sunday Brunch to remember Bea in our hearts, as we share our memories, and stories that we experienced during Mom's long and adventurous life .
Thanks for spending the day with us!... ... See you there, and God Bless.


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Jennifer Dodd (Friend)

Entered December 11, 2019 from Toronto, Ontario

Bea, you were the best travel companion. Quick with a laugh, observant of the absurd and always ready to roll. You and Dave and I had numerous road trips together, to Montreal, Kingston, Peterborough, Stratford, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-th-Lake, Guelph, Manitoulin Island, etc.etc. We drove to and from Florida together countless times, all three of us taking turns at the wheel.

You and I flew together to Fredericton and Los Angeles, our last flying trip together was to Vancouver when you were 90! We had many good meals in all different types of restaurants in all different places. We always shared the driving and we always had good laughs. On our last trip by air to Vancouver you discovered The Water Street Café, which you enjoyed so much you suggested we have our last meal in Vancouver there. When I was ill and we were flying to Las Vegas, you pushed me through Pearson Airport in a wheelchair for nearly a kilometre! You were a determined lady and game for anything! We travelled by plane, train, bus and car. We've been swimming and hiking and climbing, we've tramped through woods, across beaches, along cobbled streets, we climbed hills, we even went up mountains in chair lifts and we walked many, many shopping malls. We always had a good time.

Even in the last few years while you were not a well person, you were game for a drive somewhere, even if it was just to get an ice cream and you enjoyed it all.

To say you will be missed is an understatement. There is a very empty space now that no one else can fill. You were one of the best, certainly one of the best people I ever met. You were my friend, a mentor, a travel companion, a very special person. Now you are on a new voyage, I am sure you will still be laughing and still observing the absurd.

Tom Story (friend)

Entered December 15, 2019 from Victoria BC

I have fond memories of the many many hours and days I spent with your family while i was growing up. 20 Mcarthur St was my second home, and you happily (usually) put up with all of our teenage mayhem. Rest in peace Mrs.M

Gwen Wu nee; Kinsman (Family friend)

Entered December 31, 2019 from London, Ontario

Bea was a great lady! Always laughing and always looking her best with matching outfits and painted nails!
As a kid, our family would get together with hers, for a weekend meal, or a New Years celebration! If Bea were in a room, there was always plenty of laughter. She was not only quick witted herself, but also enjoyed a good joke or belly laugh.
Bea, you were very much loved and you will be equally missed.
Rest in peace Bea, until we meet again!
Gwen, Janice Audrey and Mel.

Angela Owen-Johnston (Social Worker - Alzheimer Society)

Entered January 2, 2020 from Aurora, ON

It was only 5 years ago in 2015 when the onset of dementia introduced me to Bea and her family. She had just lost her driver's license and was adjusting to living in Newmarket. It was very clear that Bea liked getting out... just to drive around, to eat at a restaurant, to people watch, to socialize. Always a snappy dresser with her hair and makeup to match, tiny Bea quickly filled the room when she attended our day program. Sue, Peter and Jeff were familiar faces at our center for a few years. When Bea's care needs required her move to long term care, her presence at the center was missed by all. Sadly in this line of work we are not afforded the privileged of knowing our clients at their best. But despite her declining health, there was no mistaking Bea was a lighthearted, outgoing and determined socialite. These qualities were never lost. It has always been my pleasure to support Bea and the wonderful family she leaves behind. My sincerest condolences.


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