In memory of

Antonio Martins Frade

January 10, 1929 -  March 10, 2019

No obituary currently exists.


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Kathryn d Lewis (Caregiver, family friend, Daughter,)

Entered March 13, 2019 from Leamington

My Dearest Antonio, You have been in my families lives for many wonderful years, over 20 I'm sure. You have come to family dinners, spent Christmases, Easter, Thanksgivings and birthday celebrations with us all, you have watched all my boys grow into teenagers and 1 into a successful young man. Without your company and the stories that you have shared over the years you will be missed more than you ever know. You are always loved by The Larsen's, The Lewis's and The Campbell's....forever always Kathryn

Dalip Chadda (Friend of the family)

Entered March 16, 2019 from Kitchener

My condolences to Sadie and everyone effected. Antonio was a good honest hardworking man and inspired everyone around him to be the same.


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