In memory of

Agripina Palade Iribarne

April 5, 1922 -  November 26, 2019

No obituary currently exists.


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Dan C Barbu (Friend)

Entered December 5, 2019 from Toronto

Dear Gabriela,
To you and your family, please accept our deepest sympathy.
But don't forget, our loved ones, no longer with us, leave footprints in our hearts. Impressions of kind acts, loving words & happy memories. These prints build a path for us to follow which always lead to warmer places and brighter days.
Dan & family

[John] Frank Paolini from Capelli (Friend)

Entered December 6, 2019 from Maple

Dear Gabriela my Condolence.
I lost the paper with the information. This morning I got phone call from Capelli that they had found it .I was very found of your mother I know in my heart she is in Heaven. Love Frank or John Paolini


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